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Tamar Reportedly Sent Cryptic Message to Family Prior to Alleged Suicide Attempt

News of “Braxton Family Values” reality diva and songstress Tamar Braxton rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after being found unresponsive by her boyfriend David Adefeso while at The Ritz-Carlton Residences in downtown L.A. broke late last week.

Now one outlet is claiming she sent family members a note hinting at her self-destructive intentions on Thursday, July 16, the same day she reportedly attempted suicide.

Adefeso reportedly told authorities on Thursday evening that the 43-year-old had been drinking and had taken a substantial amount of prescription pills when he called 911 to report she was in medical distress.

The Blast reported that law enforcement received a phone call around 9:45 p.m. regarding a medical emergency listed as a “possible overdose.”

Since then it has been widely speculated that Braxton attempted suicide because of a contract dispute with We TV, the network that broadcasts “Braxton Family Values.”

Now The Blast is reporting the mother of one sent her loved ones a cryptic message that began as a drafted tweet before she reportedly attempted suicide.

A purported screenshot of the message Braxton is reported to have sent — which The Blast claims it obtained from a source it did not identify — shows a draft of an unsent tweet in which she referred to herself as a “slave” and supposedly said she viewed death as the only way out of her ordeal. Braxton reportedly sent a copy of the draft to family instead posting it to Twitter.

“I am a slave. I do not own my life. My stories. My pictures. My thoughts or beliefs. I’ve asked my Massa to free me. I’m threatened and punished for it,” the image shows her as writing.

“The only way I see out is death. I will choose that before I continue to love like this. Please help me,” she concluded with the praying hand’s emoji.

“Braxton Family Values” reality diva Tamar Braxton cryptic message to her family reported by The Blast.

Braxton’s message wasn’t the only indication that something was wrong.

She dropped hints throughout the week on her Twitter page, and in the hours before the reported suicide attempt changed her Twitter name to Tamar “Slave” Braxton.

Tamar Braxton changes her name on Twitter. @TamarBraxtonHer/Twitter

She also responded to a fan on Monday, July 13, when the fan mentioned the show became more about drama.

Braxton then responded, writing, “That’s what happens when it’s all white executives having all the power and telling your Black family stories.”

Braxton added the shrug emoji and continued, “I WILL get justice for my family and all other Black reality shows with the narrative of ABP (Angry Black People) and negativity. It’s TERRIBLE & I’m tired.”

Tamar Braxton reacts to fan saying “Braxton Family Values” lost its “hilarious” streak and is more about drama. @TamarBraxtonHer/Twitter

Braxton reportedly is in stable condition but still unconscious as of July 18. The television personality is reportedly under 24-hour watch at the hospital.

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