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‘Yesss Toya’: Toya Bush-Harris’ Mermaid Swimsuit Has Fans Crushing Over Her Physique

On Wednesday, July 8, Toya Bush-Harris made a splash on social media when she shared two photos on Instagram that showed her creating waves in a swimmable mermaid tail. The longtime cast member of “Married to Medicine” looked better than ever with her long black hair pushed back and her blue cut-out swimsuit that hugged her curves in all the right places.

In true Mermaid fashion, Toya struck one sexy pose by sitting near the water with one hand on her blue scales and the other in the pool. The Detroit native then showcased her mermaid tricks by using her tail to splash water. “Mermaid Fun!!! They said I wouldn’t, so I did 🐠🐠🐠😂😂😂👙👙👙#damncovid19🤦🏾‍♀️#yesyoucanswiminit #blackmermaid,” she captioned the photos.

Toya Bush-Harris wearing a swimmable mermaid tail Photo: @toyabushharris/Instagram

Toya racked up numerous compliments from fans about her incredible figure. “Yesss Toya! You look good 🔥,” someone wrote. Another person asked: “Toya, how many pounds did u lose? You look great!” Somebody else expressed the idea that the 44-year-old reality star was fabulous. “That’s the kind of mermaid everybody hopes to catch❤️.”

Toya has proudly showed off her snatched physique during the past several months, but her struggle with weight was a sensitive topic during previous seasons of “M2M.” Dr. Contessa Metcalf, also a reality star on “M2M” and Toya’s former friend, body shamed Toya during season seven.

Toya Bush-Harris in athletic gear Photo: @toyabushharris/Instagram

The family practice physician told Toya that she had the “same BMI” as her husband Dr. Eugene Harris and explained that Toya could never talk about Eugene’s body. Dr. Contessa and Toya began beefing in season six after Dr. Contessa accused Toya of deliberately hitting her in her breast while knowing that Dr. Contessa had gotten a double mastectomy.

Toya started embracing her naturally curvy figure last year, hinting in an Instagram post that she was going to accept her “thickness”, exercise, and eat healthy. Toya seems to have lost quite a bit of weight since the post.

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