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Fans Trash Contessa Metcalfe For Thinking That Toya Bush-Harris Hit Her On Purpose, ‘This is Just Foul’

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe accused Toya Bush-Harris of hitting her in the chest intentionally and some fans think otherwise.

On Sunday night’s episode of “Married to Medicine“, the group took a couples vacation to Antiqua. At the 24:03 mark, Bush-Harris, followed by Dr. Contessa and other couples, were walking up the stairs when Bush-Harris saw a crab and jumped back hitting Dr. Contessa in the chest. You can hear Dr. Contessa gasp from Toya’s reflexes. “You hit me in the chest,” she said several times.  While Toya apologized, it still didn’t sit well with the doctor who recently underwent a double mastectomy and breast augmentation. She tells her husband “I hope and pray she didn’t do that on purpose…I hope and pray it was an accident,” she said while shaking her head.

As a result, Dr. Contessa and her husband had to pass on the couple’s outing due to the swelling they claimed she had around her chest due to the hit.

Toya later breaks down into tears after Dr. Heavenly revealed that Dr. Contessa believed that Toya hit her in the chest on purpose. Toya told the other cast members that she would never do that.

Some fans think that Dr. Contessa is reaching a bit with her accusations that Toya hit her on purpose.

#married2medicine Countessa said it just as simple as it was “Toya saw a crab & jumped back.” Toya has no reason to purposefully hurt Countessa. & why is Countessa that close to anyone knowing her healing process (esp when she initially chose to saw away bc of healing)?”

#Married2Medicine Heavenly probably shouldn’t have repeated that Contessa mess….she should have known Toya wouldn’t take it well.”

“It was an accident Contessa. You acting like she did it on purpose. That is just foul. That chick would need to go! I wouldn’t allow her nasty attitude to ruin my trip. Bye mean girl! #Married2Medicine”

The two cast members have had a rocky relationship in the past which led some fans to understand why Dr. Contessa felt hit in the chest was on purpose.

“Because Toya has been so aggressively uncaring and vicious to Contessa, it’s not surprising Contessa’s brain would go there,” said one fan.

“She wouldn’t have said a word about it if it had been anyone besides Toya’s hand,” one fan said.

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