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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’: Star Ryan Henry Denies Playing Miss Kitty and Blames Production for ‘BS Edits’

Ryan Henry is calling out Big Fish productions for portraying him as a womanizer.

Last season, the “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star was put on blast for starting a romance with his fellow cast member Miss Kitty while reconciling with his ex-girlfriend Rachel Leigh. Those scenes were re-played on the season premiere this week, leading fans to believe Henry was two-timing the women.

Ryan Henry
(From left to right): Ryan Henry, Rachel Leigh and Miss Kitty @VH1 screengrabs and @rachilla/Instagram

The 9MAG owner explained in a series of tweets on Tuesday, July 7 how that story line was far from the truth, citing moves by production as being behind it all.

Henry clarified that he was never in a serious relationship with Kitty. He said producers wanted him to lead her on and “s–t” on her, but he refused to do so.

“I never started a relationship with Kit. Last season edited a convo where I stated “if we are filming scenes where ppl r starting to believe that WE ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP, I’m still not gonna play you & …. etc etc” because I was requested to s–t on her. Kit can back that statement up,” Henry continued. “It led y’all to believe that I started a relationship with her and immediately took Rachel on a trip and started a relationship with her too. This is false. We go on a family trip every year no matter what it was her parents 40th anniversary.”

Ryan Henry

He went on to explain that he and Leigh “have been separated for over 2 yrs & have never gotten back 2gether.” Henry claimed the Hawaii trip they went on as supposed lovers was really a family trip “2create the memories” for their two children. He claimed that audio of them saying “I love you” to each other was from three years ago and that the post-production team at Big Fish made edits to add in that audio.

The Chicago native said the production company threatened him to play out the story line.

“When I didnt start a relationship with kit or super play her out as I was requested to, the narrative of not my producers, but the Post Production team at big fish was 2 “if u won’t do it our way we will edit & make it our story” so no matter who I rode for, they told THEIR story.”

He added, “When they got the final cut of the finale episode, Producers were literally heard saying “oh s–t they f–ked Ryan, nobody answer his calls when this airs” the day before it aired.”

Henry owned up to his past infidelities during his past relationship with Leigh and said he’s “fought the last 3 years to build” his character back up. He said production would rather lie about storylines for entertainment than to tell the truth. He called them “BS Edits.

Henry indicated that he’s not quitting, that he won’t “allow the little s–t” to overshadow who he is or what he represents.

Big Fish production has yet to respond to Henry’s accusations. Kitty and Leigh have yet to confirm Henry’s statements.

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