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‘Air Mattress’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Ryan Henry Reveals He’s ‘Homeless’ After Ex Kicked Him Out

The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” premiere got off to an emotional start this week after cast mate Ryan Henry revealed he’d been living at his tattoo shop.

On this week’s episode, Henry revealed he’d been under a great amount of stress after dealing with family issues, grieving his late sister’s death and not being under the same roof as his children.

Last season, viewers thought he and his childhood sweetheart Rachel Leigh would get back together after calling it quits after season 4. After apparently trying to reconcile, Leigh came to a realization that she couldn’t forgive the 9MAG owner for cheating on her with his former employee Katrina Kat Jackson. Leigh apparently kicked him out of their home, and Henry is hurt that he’s no longer able to be under the same roof as his two sons.

Rachel Leigh
Ryan Henry and Rachel Leigh. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

“After me being put out, I started crashing at the shop,” Henry said in his confessional before the scene showed him pulling out an air mattress.

“It’s no point of me getting another crib that’s not gonna be a home for children,” he continued. “My mindset was just thinking, all right, Rachel not being able to forgive me continuing messing up led to me being put out, maybe I can fix it. Ain’t no point of me signing no new lease like Ima be back home.”

Since his ex-girlfriend never forgave him, Henry revealed his shop has been “home” for the last “few months.”

Black Ink Crew” viewers had mixed reactions to the 9MAG owner living out of his tattoo shop. The majority of fans lifted him up with support.

“I ❤️ Ryan’s spirit. He own’s his mistake’s and he really wants to get it together. It is hurtful to not be able to wake up and go to sleep with your children. He’s technically homeless. Praying for him 🙏”

“Rachel got him by the balls, no?? He’s sleeping on a air mattress for gods sake. Well, maybe he’ll learn to stop cheating.”

“He f–ked up yes but it’s deeper than the cheating !!! Smh praying for this man ! Nothing will feel like home because his sister not here, it’s not right him cheating but y’all gotta look at the BIGGER PICTURE sometimes. He’s not healing from that hurt and until he does he’s always going to RUN 🙏🏿”

“Ryan talking about being put out..really by WHO🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ got enough money to get you a place and move on…tired of this black status quo..😏”

During season 5, Henry touched on his and Leigh’s tumultuous relationship, saying, “Rachel and I have been together on and off since high school. I tried what I thought was my hardest to make it work. But when you’re putting toxic s–t into your relationship all you really doing is making each other suffer more.”

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