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‘For a While All I Had Was Skin and Thoughts’: Tamar Braxton Shows Gratitude for Her Full Edges

We all know that stylized baby hair can turn a simple look into a chic new ‘do. From a young age, many women are taught how to lay their edges with gel. Edges seem to be essential to rocking the perfect hairstyle, so imagine Tamar Braxton‘s excitement when she recently suggested that her baby hairs finally grew back.

On Saturday, July 4, Tamar posted an image on Instagram that showed her with her friend and photographer Wardell Malloy. The “Braxton Family Values” reality star proudly showed off her laid and slayed baby hairs and sandy curls. With a full face of makeup, the 43-year-old singer struck her pose by leaning into Wardell’s shoulder and imitating the famous ducklips expression. Wardell, who smiled wide for the shot, wore a black tank top and a silver necklace.

Tamar Braxton with her friend Wardell Malloy (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

The mother of one explained in her caption that she was grateful for her neatly styled edges. She wrote: “Just wanted to give a shout out to God and praise him for my edges. For a while all i had was skin and thoughts‼️ I know that he pays attention to the little prayers. And If he did it for me he will do it for you🏆✨#yougrowgirl #lookatgod.”

Tamar received countless compliments over her hair growth. One user gushed: “And look at your edgesssss🔥🔥🔥whew Tay😍 Don’t get the girlies hurt now😩,” followed by another who wrote: “Come through baby swoops!”

Tamar Braxton rocking her shaved head (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

The “Love and War” artist shaved her head in 2017. At the time, she was separating from her now ex-husband, music producer Vincent Herbert, after nine years of marriage. Many people assumed she cut her hair to represent a new chapter in her life. However, she revealed in an Instagram post from May that she was tired of people telling her that she only looked beautiful when she wore hair pieces and explained that she recently grew her hair and edges back after fans ripped her to shreds for not having any baby hairs.

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