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‘Naw’: Porsha Williams Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Porsha Williams is clearing up rumors that claim she is pregnant with baby number two. The reality star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” recently dropped a few pounds and showed her weight-loss transformation in a Wednesday, July 1 Instagram post.

Porsha seemed proud of her accomplishment and shared the before- and-after photos for her 5.7 million followers. Clad in a white sports bra and a pair of Nike Pro leggings, the mother of one turned toward the side and crossed her arms to strike her pose. Her braided tresses, which extended down her back, were pulled back into a low ponytail. In the first image, people can see that Porsha’s midsection appears to be slightly larger than in the second picture.

Porsha Williams showing off her weight-loss transformation Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram

The “Dish Nation” talent revealed in her caption that she has been fasting for 36 hours, sharing that she is full of energy and has not yet received any headaches.

While many people were happy for Porsha’s weight loss, others were concerned since outlets have reported that Porsha was allegedly expecting. One user wrote: “Thought some youtuber keep saying you’re prego.” Porsha shut down the rumor quickly and responded: “naw🙏🏾.”

Dennis McKinley holding Porsha Williams (Photo): @porsha4real/Instagram

The pregnancy gossip sparked around Mother’s Day when her fiancé, Dennis McKinley posted a photo on Instagram that showed him holding the 39-year-old Porsha. Dennis, a businessman, used the hashtag DJ Momma in the caption, insinuating that Porsha was pregnant with a baby boy who’d be named Dennis McKinley Jr. The couple, who share their 1-year-old daughter, Pilar Jhena’ McKinley, didn’t address the allegations at the time.

Dennis reportedly cheated on Porsha during and after her pregnancy with their daughter. On season 12 of “RHOA,” the two attended couples therapy, where the restaurant owner admitted that he stepped out on their relationship because of intimacy issues during the pregnancy and stress he’d faced during Porsha’s experience with postpartum depression.

Despite Dennis’ infidelity, the two still have plans to tie the knot. A wedding date has not yet been set.

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