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Porsha Williams’ Daughter Pilar Jhena’ McKinley ‘Actually Keeps Her Mask On,’ Fans Beg the ‘RHOA’ Star for Tips to Help Their Children

Unlike most children her age, Porsha Williams one-year-old daughter Pilar Jhena’ McKinley seemingly is not ripping off her face mask every three seconds.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults use face masks to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While the CDC does not recommend cloth face coverings for children under two, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star is taking extra safety precautions when it comes to her daughter.

Porsha Williams’ daughter Pilar Jhena’ McKinley wearing a face mask (Photo): @porsha4real/Instagram

On Monday, June 29, Porsha shared a series of images on Instagram that showed Baby Pilar standing on a metal bench that appeared to be near a train station. In one picture, the youngster posed by placing one hand on the handrail and the other on her father Dennis McKinley. Pilar matched from head to toe, sporting a white skirt with a short-sleeved shirt that was embellished with prints. The tot wore a gold bangle and silver stud earrings. She completed her angelic appearance with open-toed sandals, a face mask, and two black-and-white hair bows.

Porsha referred to Pilar as a “daddy’s girl” in her caption and implied that she was proud of Pilar for rocking her face cover. She wrote: “(She actually keeps her mask on lol so cute ).”

Porsha Williams with her daughter Pilar Jhena’ McKinley (Photo): @porsha4real/Instagram

The sweet images earned nearly 2,000 comments from people wanting to know how Pilar kept her mask on, explaining that their children always pull them off. One IG user asked: “Adorbs!! Can you share your tips on how you got her to keep her mask on ?”

Porsha responded: “Well we went to the hospital for an ear infection and they put one on her there. I just put it on her most of the time when we are outside. I think she sees me wearing it so she knows it’s ok and wants to be like mommy❤️ To be honest I was shocked she didn’t tug at it. She only pulls it if she is ready to eat lol.”

Dennis McKinley holding Porsha Williams (Photo): @porsha4real/Instagram

Porsha and her fiancé Dennis welcomed their daughter into the world in March of last year. Around Mother’s Day, rumors swirled that the couple were expecting a baby boy later this year after Dennis posted a photo on Instagram that showed him holding Porsha. The businessman used the hashtag DJMomma in the image, insinuating that the pair will name their son Dennis McKinley Jr. Neither Porsha nor Dennis has confirmed the pregnancy gossip.

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