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Draya Michele Leaves 50 Percent Tip to a Black Waiter

Draya Michele left a generous tip to a Black waiter over the weekend. On Saturday, June 27, the “Basketball Wives” alum treated herself and her two sons Kniko Howard, 17, and Jru Scandrick, 4, to lunch at a Benihana in Los Angeles.

Draya shared a photo of her fried rice dish along with an image of her receipt in a now-deleted Instagram Story. In the picture, fans can see that Draya’s meal cost $102.38. The reality star gave the waiter a $50 tip, explaining that she left him more money because he was Black.

Draya Michele tipped a waiter $50.00 at a Benihana in Los Angeles, California. (Photo): @drayamichele/Instagram

The founder of Mint Swimwear wrote over the receipt in white letters: “Tip more because our waiter was black and they were all just getting back to work.” Draya’s gratuity was nearly half the cost of her meal, meaning she left almost a 50 percent tip at the Japanese restaurant. She paid $152.38 in total for her meal. California is a state that allows tip pooling in restaurants, so it’s possible the waiter did not reap the full benefit of the $50 windfall.

As a result of George Floyd‘s death, people across the country have been fighting against racial injustice and police brutality by protesting and by buying from Black-owned companies as well as supporting Black employees. Approximately 3 million people are sharing their favorite Black-owned restaurants and stores by using the hashtag #blackownedbusinesses on social media.

Draya Michele in a black bikini. (Photo: @drayamichele/Instagram)

Draya has been using her platform to promote her swimwear company, a business she started in 2011 with $12,000 that reportedly grew to a $1 million empire in 2017. She also has been sharing her favorite Black-owned brands on Instagram. The 35-year-old entrepreneur spoke out about the death of George Floyd in a lengthy Instagram post from May 30.

Draya Michele speaks out about the death of George Floyd. @drayamichele/Instagram

She wrote: “Knowing racism still exists is one thing, but actually seeing a man pleading for his life is just plain proof (for those who were still in denial about it). As a black woman, mother, and business owner …. it’s important that I do my part in all this to aid in a better/safer/ more kind future for my sons, for your sons as well.

“The education of what racism looks likes today starts in the home. I’m praying for change in the system even when that still feels like it’s not even close to helping. I promise not to give up, even when I feel defeated because the problem won’t just go away over night ❤️,” she concluded.

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