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‘Cutest Baby Ever’: Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale Fans Gush Over Their 10-Month-Old’s Darling Snapshot

Keyshia Cole and her boyfriend Niko Khale are gifting social media users with more and more adorable pictures of their baby boy!

A photo of baby Tobias Khale was posted on his Instagram page on Thursday, June 25, and folks described the image as “too cute for words.” The picture showed the infant dressed in a T-shirt with matching camouflage pants. His hair was slicked back into a man bun as he was caught in mid-crawl looking toward the camera with a snazzy pacifier in his mouth.

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale’s son Tobias Khale. @tobiaskhale/Instagram

“👶🏽 baby Eyes,” the caption read.

Instagram users fawned over the 10-month-old child’s IG post and inundated it with compliments.

“This is the cutest baby I’ve seen in my life 😩😍,” a fan wrote. “Tobi Toesssss …my young prince. A second person said, “Him just toooo adorable. You guys made the cutest child. awwww 😘 look at his little pacifier.”

While the “cute” comments continued to roll in, fans also mentioned how much baby Tobias resembled Cole.

“Him just toooo adorable. Keyshia twin so darn cuuuuuute 😍 what a handsome prince,” said an Instagram user. Another one remarked, “Him so CAAAUUTE!! 😍♥️ that’s a beautiful baby lookin like mama!!! Awww.”

Cole also noted that baby Tobias was her “twin” in an April 21 post and wrote, “This picture just cracks me up.!! 😩 #Twin.”

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole and her son Tobias Khale. @keyshiacole/Instagram

Khale challenged the “Heaven Sent” singer’s post with a snap of his own. He shared a baby photo of himself with one of their son and wrote, “Me as a baby. My son. He still his mama child, but das me right dere.”

Keyshia Cole
Niko “Khale” Hale (top) and baby Tobias Khale (bottom). @nikokhale/Instagram

Cole and Khale welcomed their son in August 2019. Cole wrote via Instagram, “Baby boy is here Yall, OMG.”

The “Love” musician first announced her pregnancy with her second child last May with a picture of her protruding belly. She and Khale confirmed weeks later they were having a son. She said in the post, “Surrounded by love. Just enjoying good times and great vibes.”

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