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‘I Thought This Was a Photoshopped Picture’: Karlie Redd Fans Do a Double Take After She Posts a Photo with Her Daughter

The internet already knew Karlie Redd and her daughter had a striking resemblance, but the latest photo the reality TV star shared definitely drives that point home!

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star, 45, posted a photo to Instagram on Thursday, June 25 with daughter Jasmine Ellis in which they appeared to be modeling.

Karlie Redd
Jasmine Ellis (L) and her mother Karlie Redd (R) posing together @iamkarlieredd/Instagram

“I’m raising a boss! But Shes Really My Twin! Stay Tune!” the mother of one captioned the snap.

With their matching color-coordinated attire, long black tresses, piercing brown eyes and glowing skin, many fans had a rough time figuring out who was who.

“Yo I seriously thought that was you dang,” one commented. “Damn Karlie ya daughter look so much like you I was just looking at her like damn what karlie got done to her face now until I looked over and realize you was standing up and that was ya daughter 😱 ya look so much alike 🥰 beautiful,” said another.

One fan told Redd, “She stole your whole face!” while another added, “You basically created a clone twinssss 😍😍 I thought this was a photoshopped picture of you.”

This isn’t the first time Redd and Ellis made folks do a double take.

The “twins” comments kept rolling in when the Merci boutique owner posted another rare picture with her mini-me in July 2018. She braced herself for possible backlash from “Jazz” for sharing the private image and wrote, “Like Mommy Like Daughter ? She’s gonna kill me for this so it will only be up for a few minutes ? Or Until She Catches it! Gotcha Princess.”

Karlie Redd
Jasmine Ellis (left) and Karlie Redd (right) (Photo: @iamkarlieredd/Instagram)

Ellis’ Instagram page is private. Redd rarely shares photos of the college student, preferring to keep her daughter out of the public eye.

However, fans did get a rare glimpse of Ellis on season 8 of “LHHATL.” She got into an explosive altercation with Redd’s fellow castmate Pooh Hicks and her daughter Naijee. Hicks accused Redd of having a threesome with her and her husband Hiriam Hicks years ago, although Redd denied it.

Nowadays, it seems Redd and Ellis are steering free of drama and are more so focused on serving mother-daughter goals.

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