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‘Girl Is Her Twin’: Karlie Redd Daughter’s ‘LHHATL’ Appearance Leaves Fans in Awe of Her Striking Resemblance to Her Mother

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Karlie Redd sure knows how to bring drama to the VH1 franchise, but the 45-year-old is also full of surprises, especially for season 8. During an explosive episode, Redd’s daughter Jasmine and fellow cast mate Pooh Hicks’ daughter Naijee almost came to blows during Rasheeda Frost’s mother-daughter event.

During the chaos between the cast mates, fans of the show couldn’t help but notice how much Jasmine favored her mother when the show’s official Instagram account, @Loveandhiphop, posted a clip of the feud.
Karlie Redd’s daughter Jasmine and Pooh Hicks daughter Naijee almost come to blows during an explosive “LHHATL” episode  (@londhiphop Instagram page)

“Let’s take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Karlie’s daughter is oml😍😍,” one fan said.

“Karlie’s daughter is so pretty,” another fan said.

“She looks just like Karlie omg.”

“Karlie daughter is beautiful looks exactly like her mommy.”

“Karlie’s daughter is the spitting image of her! They really should’ve let her slide Pooh and her Purge Mask face!”

“That’s Karlie Daughter 😮 Ian Know She Had A Kid That Girl Is Her Twin Fr.”

While some fans complimented Jasmine’s good looks, it was the drama of the episode that made other fans give their thoughts. So why were Jasmine and Naijee about to scrap? Well, Hicks claimed Redd had a threesome with her and her husband Hiriam Hicks years ago. 

During a Mother’s Day event hosted by Shekinah Jo Anderson, Hicks and Redd’s prolonged feud came to a head. It all began when Redd began to speak highly of her daughter, saying that Hicks’ threesome allegations were taking a negative toll on Jasmine.

She withdrew from college after her peers kept asking about her mother’s alleged sexual relationship with Hicks. Redd denied the allegations that she had a sexual relationship with the couple. Redd then pulled out lie detector results, which supposedly proved Hicks was lying the whole time about the encounter. Hicks then got out of her chair and tried to walk over to Redd when Jasmine took off her shoes and tried to defend her mother from Hicks and her daughter Naijee.

(Left) Karlie Redd and her daughter Jasmine. (Right) Pooh Hicks and her daughter Naijee. (Photos: @vh1 screen grabs)

Security had to intervene between the two parties, which led to Hicks and Naijee being escorted from the event. Redd could be seen crying as she tried to calm her daughter down from the heated encounter. A fan was not here for Redd and Hicks dragging their children into their feud.

“I can’t believe Karlie and Pooh brought their daughters to the lion dens. Right in the line of fire smh. Horrible parents!” one fan wrote regarding the altercation.

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