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Draya Michele’s Beauty Post Derails When Fans Zero In on the Creases In Her Shoes

Draya Michele has been a fashion icon since she made her splash on “Basketball Wives” in 2011, but now it seems like some people are questioning her latest fashion choices.

The former cast member of “BBW” recently posted a photo on Instagram that showed her sitting on what appeared to be her tile floor. Draya wore a black-and-white biker shorts set with a pair of white Nike Air Force 1s. Without any makeup and her hair pulled back, the mother of two struck her pose by gazing at the camera.

Draya Michele wearing a biker short set and a pair of Nike Air Force 1. (Photo): @drayamichele/Instagram

The swimsuit entrepreneur wrote in her caption, “Delete, block, and enjoy your summer.” While Draya flaunted her blemish-free face and modeled long luscious legs, it was ultimately the dents in her shoes that captured her fans’ attention. An Instagram user commented: “Baby why you got them creases like that. You so silly 😭🀣.” Draya responded: “my foot is too skinny. Lol. Its unavoidable πŸ˜‚.” Someone else also noticed the creases in her shoes and said, “Right foot looking a lil 2020ish.”

This isn’t the first time Draya’s feet have been the topic of conversation on the internet. At the end of April, the 35-year-old reality star shared a photo on Instagram that showed her rocking a gray-and-pink pair of Nike Air Max 720 shoes. People implied that her feet looked larger than usual, suggesting that she wore a size 12.

Draya Michele rocking a pair of Nike Air Max 720 shoes. (Photo: @drayamichele/Instagram)

Draya expressed that she knew her feet were not her greatest asset in a now-deleted-tweet from 2014. Joe Budden, a reality star on “Love and Hip Hop New York,” playfully suggested to Draya on Twitter that she was blessed in all the areas on her body except her feet. The model jokingly teased back at Joe and said that her feet were her greatest weapons.

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