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‘Hey Big Feet’: Draya Michele’s Beauty Post Derails After Fans Notice This

Draya Michele absolutely knows how to stir up conversation on the internet. Michele shows off her killer curves on social media often, but on Sunday, April 26, the 35-year-old Michele took a different approach with her beauty post. Michele, a former cast member of “Basketball Wives,posted a photo to Instagram that showed her sitting outside taking in the California weather. Michele’s fully clothed appearance went sideways after fans noticed that her feet appeared to be larger than usual.

Michele, the founder of Mint Swimwear, posed on top of cement stairs in front of a leafy bush. She seemed to be embracing her life. In her caption she wrote, “c’est la vie” in French, which translates to “that’s life.” The self-made millionaire donned a pink tank top and a pair of pink biker shorts with white strips. She wore pink see-through sunglasses, but in the end it was her Nike Air Max 720 shoes that stole the spotlight.

Draya Michele sitting outside (Photo): @drayamichele/Instagram

Over 105,000 people reacted to her photo, with most indicating that her feet took them by surprise.

“Love you babe .. but ya feet big as hell πŸ₯Ί.”

“Hey big feet😍.”

“Rockin tf outta them 720s 😍.”

A fourth user said, “This pic fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ but those size 12s πŸ˜–.”

“Feet big as hell 🀣🀣 that’s the Monica challenge 🀣🀣.”

“You are a beautiful woman and I f-ck with you but this picture is not a good angleπŸ’―.”

“Finally covered up them dogs. Whew chile.”

An eighth wrote, “You look uncomfortable.”

Draya Michele wearing sneakers (Photo): @drayamichele/Instagram

Michele wears running shoes frequently when she exercises, so it’s quite possible that the angle from her photo made her feet seem larger than they actually are. The model revealed in a 2014 interview with Fashion Bomb Daily that she does not workout five days a week, but instead when she feels like her body is getting out of shape.

Draya Michele address plastic surgery rumors. (Photo): @drayamichele/Twitter

People have accused Michele of going under the knife to achieve her fit figure. She addressed the plastic surgery rumors on Twitter last year, admitting that she only had a breast augmentation surgery. “For the record. I’ve never had lipo suction, s curve, fat transfer, and Brazilian butt lift…. for any confusion out there. There isn’t a doctor out there that can take credit for anything on me except these boobs and that’s dr david Kim BEVERLY HILLS plastic surgery.

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