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‘Ex’s Be Like’: Reginae Carter Fans Slam YFN Lucci for Responding to YK Osiris Shooting His Shot at Her

It looks to some like rapper YFN Lucci, 29, isn’t quite over ex-girlfriend Reginae Carter, 21.

On Wednesday, June 17, rapper and singer YK Osiris spoke with the Shade Room on camera and made a pass at Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson‘s daughter, Carter. He spoke to her directly on camera and practically begged her for a date.

Reginae Carter
YK Osiris makes a pass at Reginae Carter. @theshaderoom/Instagram

“Reginae, c’mon, just give me a chance. I’m not like these other rappers,” said Osiris. “I’m gon’ give you the world. Stop leaving me on read, baby. Please. I know you tired of the bullcrap, n–gas doing dumb junk, but I’m not gon’ do it. Yo’ daddy gon’ like me. I’m gon’ give you the world, baby. Listen, and I’m smart. And I love God.”

Kandi Burruss, one of Johnson’s close friends, urged Carter to give the “Ride” rapper a chance. “I actually like the fact he said he loves God & clearly he’s into you @colormenae he already rocking your face on his chain…😂 Maybe you should think about it,” said Burruss.

@kandi @theshaderoom/Instagram

Carter’s mother seemed equally impressed with Osiris wearing her daughter’s face on his chain pendant. She even wrote, “Is that @colormenae on his necklace?? 👀.”

Lucci mocked the idea of Osiris hitting on his ex-girlfriend and commented, “Shot aint nun (BRICK) @ykosiris.”

Reginae Carter
YFN Lucci mocks YK Osiris. @yfnlucci/Instagram

Carter’s fans slammed Lucci for interfering in Carter’s love life.

“Now she should give YKOsiris a chance just cause Lucifer think he got it like that. Lol I like YK. More humble and God fearing! 💯,” a fan wrote. Another person added, “Yk been throwing punches lately lol I can see him punching down Lucci 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fr Tho.”

Someone else quipped, “Says the bad guy. Ex’s be like if i cant have you nobody can.” Move sir you had your chance to treat her right. 😒🙄.”

Carter and Lucci called it quits last August after she allegedly spotted him flirting with other women at an Atlanta cucumber-themed pool party. When Lucci was asked in April if he regretted going to the infamous party that led to his split with Carter, he responded, “I’m me, bro’. If you ain’t gon’ like me, I ain’t trying to change or make you f–k with me.”

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