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‘Breathtaking’: Yandy Smith-Harris and Her 7-Year-Old Son Leave Fans in a Daze with Their Twinning Photo

Yandy Smith-Harris shared a sun-kissed picture of herself and son Omere Harris after a dip in the pool, and fans couldn’t get over their matching looks.

Smith-Harris and seven-year-old Omere are fresh-faced and glowing in the image that the reality star and businesswoman posted to her Instagram page on Sunday, June 13. Rocking a multicolored bathing suit and head wrap, she and her twin appear to be fresh out of the pool and feeling good.

Yandy Smith-Harris and son Omere show off their matching eyes./Photo Credit: @YandySmith/Instagram

“Pool side with my heartbeat 💓 @omereandskylar,” she captioned the sweet image.

The pic received over 180,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments, most of which pointed out the strong resemblance between the two, especially when it comes to their eyes.

“I just wanna know where are those haters that said your ‘eyes were fake’,” called out a fan. ” 🤣🤣 lol they wanted you to be wearing contacts so baaaad,”

“Those eyes wow breathtaking 😘,” a second complimented.

“When he gets older the girls are going to get lost in his eyes LOL😆😍😍,” teased a third.

“He is definitely your twin queen 😍,” a fourth follower wrote.

“His eyes are so beautiful❤️ both Of your eyes @yandysmith,” commented a fifth.

“You’re at the pool side with your twin! You and your son’s eyes are beautiful and gorgeous 💕💕💕,” a sixth gushed.

Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeeces Harris recently started their first family Youtube channel, where fans can get a more intimate look inside their busy personal lives. So far they’ve posted five videos covering a range of topics, including Mendeecees sharing his special microwave seafood fried rice recipe, a family dance battle with all of their kids, and footage of Yandy protesting against police brutality.

The couple, who recently celebrated their five-year anniversary, are parents to Omere and five-year-old daughter Skylar. Mendeecees is also father to eight-year-old Aasim Harris and 10-year-old Mendeecees Harris Jr.

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