‘Not Feeling the Hair’: Fans Spill Mixed Opinions About Tamar Braxton’s New Style

Tamar Braxton has a large personality and she seems to always have a drastic hairstyle to match. The “Braxton Family Values” reality star switched up her tresses and revealed her new look in a clip on her Instagram TV Channel. Tamar, the host of the VH1 reality show “To Catch a Beautician,” sat down with her co-host celebrity hairstylist Johnny White and retired hairstylist Mecca to discuss ways beauticians can help their clients’ hair grow.

Tamar wore a short curly brown wig with perfectly laid and slayed baby hairs. With a full face of makeup, Tamar listened to Mecca’s tips. Mecca, a hairdresser with over 15 years of experience, encouraged stylists to maintain a good aura when they are styling their clients’ hair. “The energy in these hands. These healing hands.. have energy. So when we are working, and we’re really on the head, we’re.. we’re using our gift. Our strength divine gift,” she said at the 1:02 mark. She stressed that the hair stylist must have good energy, explaining that this is the key to growing out a customer’s hair.

Tamar Braxton (left) and retired hairstylist Mecca (right) (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Tamar’s video received over 6,000 likes, 114,000 views, and some 100 comments from people dishing mixed reactions about her hair.

“You look beautiful and gorgeous I love your hair Tay Tay.”

@tamarbraxton looking more and more like Mama E❤️.”

“Hey cutie ❤️ looking good with your curls 😍.”

But some fans expressed the idea that they were not head over heels in love with her hairstyle.

“Not feeling the hair but the makeup is cute😍.”

“Tamar I have a fedora wig hat with your name on it. Let’s talk…”

“Looking like Latoya Jackson girl.”

Tamar Braxton with honey blonde hair (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Tamar’s signature style used to be long blonde wigs. The “Love and War” artist revealed in a 2018 interview on “The Steve Harvey Show” that she purchased over 100,000 blonde hair pieces to please her now ex-husband Vincent Herbert. “I believe in being attractive for your mate. I used to have all blonde wigs. I have a 150,000 of them at my house…Vince liked blonde hair…light, fair women. I wasn’t born with no blonde hair. But for me I think that’s a responsibility that women have…it’s to stay current for your man,” she said.

Tamar Braxton with a shaved head (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Tamar and Vincent split in 2017 after nine years of marriage. Last summer, the judge granted Tamar a “status only” divorce to make her officially single. Around the time of their separation, Tamar shaved her head. Many people assumed she cut her hair to represent a new chapter in her life. However, she revealed in an Instagram post from May that she was tired of people telling her that she only looked beautiful when she wore hair pieces.

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