‘It’s Not About Our Feelings’: Tamar Braxton Spills the Tea About Her Relationship with Vincent Herbert Since Their Divorce

Tamar Braxton and her ex-husband, music producer Vincent Herbert, split in 2017 after nine years of marriage, and last summer a judge granted Braxton a “status only” divorce to make her officially single, although division of the former couple’s assets remained unresolved. Nearly three years after their breakup, the former couple now have formed a healthy friendship.

Braxton dished about her relationship with the 47-year-old Herbert in a May 22 interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” Braxton, who is now dating Nigerian businessman David Adefeso, shares her 6-year-old son Logan Vincent Herbert with Herbert. With a new boyfriend in the mix, Braxton expressed how it was hard to figure out the dynamic in her relationship with her ex.

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Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert on The Wendy Williams show./ YouTube

“Because for 16 years, we’ve been together and been best friends, and I think what we had to revert back to is remembering that we were friends first,” she said. “But we’re in a really, really good place. We realized it’s not about us. It’s not about our feelings. It’s not about what happened. It’s about Logan, and it’s about us setting the best example for him and being there for him. So that’s the choice we made. You have to make that choice though,” she added.

The “Love and War” singer revealed that she put Logan in counseling to help him cope with the split, sharing that she wished she’d attended therapy when her parents got divorced. Braxton credits Logan’s therapist for mending her friendship with Herbert. “The counselor was like, ‘You guys might want to get along for your kid,’ and then that is when we made the decision,” she said, “It’s about him and not about us.”

Tamar Braxton with a shaved head. @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Braxton’s divorce certainly seemed to be a life-changing experience. The reality star of “Braxton Family Values” shaved her head shortly after filing for divorce from Herbert. She explained in an Instagram post that she cut her hair because she was tired of the world telling her that she was only beautiful when she wore hair pieces. Many fans admired her for chopping off her hair.

“❤️ this look on you.”

“Gorgeous with or without hair @tamarbraxton ❤️😍🔥.”

“True beauty❤️.”

“Honestly the big cut made you look super exotic!! You should do it again ❤️💯💯💯✨✨✨.”

Braxton has been spending her shelter-in-place life co-parenting with Herbert and promoting her new television show “To Catch a Beautician.” Braxton, the show host, joins celebrity stylist Johnny White to help clients confront their beauticians who ruined their hair. At the end of each episode, the stylists get a chance to redeem themselves by fixing their clients’ hair. The first episode premiered on VH1 on Monday, May 25.

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