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‘This Eases My Heart’: Alexis Skyy Fans Gush Over 2-Year-Old Daughter Getting Leg Braces

Alexis Skyy fans were filled with joy when the reality star revealed news of her daughter getting leg braces.

The 25-year-old model took to Instagram on Wednesday, June 3, and posted a video of 2-year-old Alaiya Grace at a pediatric orthopedic office. The clip showed the toddler dressed in all-jean attire with animal-printed socks and her new leg braces.

Alexis Skyy
Alaiya Graces gets new leg braces. @alexisskyy/Instagram

Skyy cheered her daughter on in the video and exclaimed, “Look at the braces!” Baby Alaiya smiled big for the camera as her mother continued to hype her up. The single mother of one seemed thrilled over her daughter’s new walking aids and wrote in her caption, “My baby @amazinglaylay got her braces today 💕.”

Skyy’s Instagram followers and fans swooned over her post.

“Yay! Get it baby girl! 💞 so cute and precious😍😍 Go lay lay!”

“Awww That smile this just eases my heart especially with everything going on 🥰! gorgeous Baby Girl💖🥰😍”

“Awwwwwww i love her leg braces! She’s so precious. I can’t get enough! 🥺😇 yess Lay Lay!”

“Hey Beautiful Laylay🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️ awww well done baby ❤️❤️ I remember when my son had to wear a brace on his right leg at 2 custom made with them pressure socks trust it’s going to help her a lot”

“Alexis sound sooooo happy 🤩😍 Yayyy 😍LayLay😘💕 she is so cute”

Skyy welcomed her daughter in January 2018 with singer and rapper Fetty Wap, whom she claims is the father.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy and her daughter Alaiya Grace @alexiskyy_/Instagram photo courtesy

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star delivered her child three months early after a complicated pregnancy. Baby Alaiya was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, an abnormal accumulation of  cerebrospinal fluid within cavities of the brain. She undergoes therapy for her speech and walking.

Skyy said she’s dealt with online trolls who’ve made cruel comments about her daughter. She called it absolutely “disgusting.”

“I don’t really let the Internet get to me. At first, it did bother me but I just learned to kind of just block it out because it’s disgusting, she’s a baby. If you’re that evil to talk about a kid or what I went through, you’re just an evil person. So I just learned to just tune that part out,” Skyy told Hollywood Unlocked in an interview in May.

She added, “Like Alaiya, I know she’s strong, She’s a fighter. She motivates me every day. So to just see her striving, to help her, that’s my job as a mother, to make sure she’s good.”

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