‘Toya Sold Me Out’: Dr. Simone Whitmore Addresses Rumors About Her Seemingly Altered Skin Complexion

On Thursday, May 28, Toya Bush-Harris posted a photo on Instagram that showed her hanging out with her best friend and “Married to Medicine” co-star Dr. Simone Whitmore. In the image, Whitmore seemed to be a few shades lighter, so some fans suspected that the 50-year-old OB-GYN was altering her skin complexion. Later that evening, Whitmore addressed the rumor that she bleaches her skin in a thread of photos and videos on Instagram.

The Nashville native and Bush-Harris appeared to be at Whitmore’s house during the time the video was recorded. Whitemore said, “Toya sold me out on the ‘Gram!” Bush-Harris held up her iPhone and showed viewers the picture. “This photo is so pretty,” Bush-Harris said. Seemingly disappointed by the edited photo, Whitmore asked Bush-Harris to put the phone down.

Dr. Simone Whitmore (left) clears up rumors that she bleaches her skin in a video with Toya Bush-Harris (right). @drsswhit/Instagram

Whitmore yelled, “She changed … She put a filter. Sold me out!”

Bush-Harris said, “It’s beautiful,” while Whitmore stressed, “But you trolls … no, no … but you trolls, who only have three followers, do not comment, do not comment.”

Bush-Harris asked, “Isn’t this so pretty?” before the clip concluded.

Dr. Simone Whitmore (left) reveals that Toya Bush-Harris (right) put a filter on her face. (Photo): @drssswhit/Instagram

The Spelman College alumna shared the edited photograph in her post. She wrote in her caption, “I don’t condone FILTERS! Sis @toyabushharris sold me OUT! I’m done!!!”

Fans who reacted to the video suggested they were relieved to know that Whitmore did not bleach her skin.

“When I saw it I was like wow 😳 that’s one heck of a color changing filter.”

“Okay tell me something 😆 You are beautiful. I was afraid you altered your natural beauty.”

“LMAOOO we was wondering what was going on sis 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂.”

“I prefer your natural beauty over the filter! You’re Beautiful!”

@toyabushharris play too much 🤣 @drsswhit she got you good tho 🤣.”

“You look better than the filter!!! 😂.”

“Lmao!!! I was surely wondering why you @drsswhit were looking like the Wayans on White Chicks😂😂😂. It’s all love though💜💜.”

“😂😂😂😂auntie she did you bogus. You fine regardless tho @drsswhit.”

Bush-Harris, the wife of Dr. Eugene Harris, and Whitmore have been close friends on “M2M” for seven seasons. It’s unknown when season 8 of the hit reality show will premiere on Bravo because filming has been pushed back because of the pandemic. As of late, the dynamic duo have maintained their friendship by connecting with each other through Instagram Live chats and spending time together.

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