‘Show Up & Show Out’: Fans Applaud Ray J for Ditching His Car and Walking with Protesters

Singer Ray J Norwood encountered mixed reactions on social media after he joined fellow protesters in Los Angeles’ Fairfax District on Saturday, May 30.

Thousands of people gathered to demand justice for George Floyd‘s death when they were surprised by the “One Wish” singer. He pulled up in the middle of the crowd in his black Rolls-Royce and was instantly surrounded by protesters who chanted, “Get out the car!”

Ray J Norwood
Ray J Norwood walks with protesters. @trollmediasource/Instagram

Seconds later, Norwood, 39, hopped out of his luxury vehicle, wearing a Louis Vuitton face mask over his face, disposable blue gloves and casual wear. He placed a fist in the air, abandoned his car in the middle of the street and began walking with protesters. A fan and Twitter user posted a video of the musician and wrote, “Ray j get out the car.”

The clip received over 275,000 views and positive reactions from Norwood’s fan base. One person commented, “Yessss ray show up & show out💯.” A second user wrote, “If he didn’t pull up y’all would ask why and be mad and since he did pull up y’all still mad and asking him why he’s probably in his regular car since he is rich ?! Maybe that’s his regular whip !! He ain’t gonna be driving a Honda ! Lol wth good job Ray!” Someone else said, “How can you not love him 😂!”

Others accused the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star of walking with protesters for clout and some even felt he was “bullied” into “demonstration.” An Instagram user wrote, “He did that for LIKES!….No other reason, it ain’t about you, cause you could have caught the bus and still stand with them incognito. When you do things from the heart…..nobody knows✌🏽.” Another said, “He looks very uncomfortable and very “unwilling”, like he really didn’t want to be there!!! Idk!!! Just my observation!!” A third person remarked, “Somebody said he rolled up on the protest by accident and they started chanting for him to get out the car so he did 🤷🏽‍♀️. Homie was nervous about his whip Face with tears of joy s–t I would’ve been 😂”

Norwood is currently going through a divorce filed by his estranged wife Princess Love, 35, after nearly four years of marriage.

Love filed for divorce last month in Los Angeles Superior Court. The pair were already living separately after their marital drama last year. They share daughter Melody Love, 2, and six-month-old Epik Ray Norwood.

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