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‘You Always Been Bodied’: Fans Compliment Shereé Whitfield’s Workout Routine

Shereé Whitfield apparently turned her backyard into a gym. On Tuesday, May 19, the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member posted a video on Instagram that showed her exercising outside.

Whitfield, a native of Ohio, wore a red tank top, black leggings, and black running shoes as her workout ensemble. Whitfield’s dark brown passion twists contained streams of blonde hair. Sporting a pair of shades, the mother of three performed a set of walking lunges, squat jacks, reverse lunges, and walking squats. The 50-year-Whitfield expressed her fondness for fitness in her caption. She wrote, “Just doing what I #love …#workout#fitness#health#joy#nature Its a #lifestyle 💋.”

Shereé Whitfield exercising in her backyard (Photo): @shereewhitfield/Instagram

Whitfield’s clip received over 30,000 views. Fans admired the reality star for tackling the high-intensity workouts, explaining that she motivated them to put down their shelter-in-place snacks.

“You look great. I am so inspired😍.”

“You’re absolutely fabulous! I admire how you’re so committed to being healthy.”

“Body Goals 💪🏽💪🏽.”

“You always been bodied!😍.”

“Start a health and well-being YouTube channel please ♥️.”

“Waiting on your fitness challenge😉.”

“You’re so awesome and inspiring Sheree! 👌🏾👏🏾.”

“You are so strong 💪 you go girl!”

Shereé Whitfield drinking a smoothie (Photo): @shereewhitfield/Instagram

Whitfield along with her children Tierra Fuller, Kairo Whitfield, and Kaleigh Whitfield have been committed to staying healthy during their stay-at-home period. The founder of She by Shereé documented her workouts with her kids in an Instagram post that dates back to April 18. In the video, Whitfield used the kettlebells while her children alternated between box jumps and weight-ball squat exercises. In her post, she explained that each family member was responsible for choosing an exercise.

In addition to working out, Whitfield also seems to eat healthy. She shared a video on Instagram at the beginning of May that showed her preparing a smoothie after a steam session in her sauna at home.

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