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‘Is That All U?’: Fans Say Evelyn Lozada’s Locks Are ‘Fake’ After She Shows Off Her Long Tresses

Evelyn Lozada’s got inches for days. The “Basketball Wives” cast member recently flaunted her waist-length hair in an Instagram video from Sunday, May 17. While playing in her hair, the reality star never revealed her scalp. Fans were suspicious of her luscious locks and suggested that she wasn’t completely weave-free.

The Bronx native wore a white tank top and jeans. Turned with her back to the camera, the 44-year-old Lozada ran her fingers through her mane, which was dark brown, streaked with light brown highlights and curled down her back. Lozada hinted in her caption that her hairstyle was low maintenance. She explained that to achieve her beachy waves she washed her hair, applied rice water, and allowed her tresses to air-dry.

Evelyn Lozada shows off her waist-length hair. @evelynlozada/Instagram

Over 500,000 people watched the video, but some fans claimed Lozada’s hair was fake.

“Everyone’s hair can look like this with added extensions! Lol!!!!!!!!”

“Fake hair 👀.”

“Is that alll uuuuuuuuuuuuu???😍.”

“And a lot of hair extensions.”

“Is that all your hair? It’s beautiful.”

“Did you get microlinks @evelynlozada? love your hair 🖤.”

“Her hair is not that thick!! Extensions.”

“Is that your natural hair or do you have extensions? Beautiful either way @evelynlozada.”

Evelyn Lozada with cornrows. @evelynlozada/Instagram

When a fan accused Lozada of wearing hair extensions, she responded, “You wish lol 🤣.” Lozada has always had long hair, but her curls suffered from heat damage a few years ago. The mother of two shared in an Instagram post that dates back to 2013 that she was determined to get back her natural curl pattern after destroying her hair.

Lozada went to extreme lengths to grow her hair down her back. She started her natural hair journey in 2017 by cutting her locks to her collarbone. Next, she stopped putting heat on her mane so frequently and used a heat-protectant spray when she wanted to straighten her hair. Lozada also opted for protective styles instead of sporting her natural hair. During season 8 of “BBW” Lozada rocked cornrows to prevent hair breakage.

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