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‘Your Hair Is Goals’: Evelyn Lozada’s ‘Banging’ Curls Draws Tons of Cheers from Fans

Evelyn Lozada has no problem switching up her fashion but the changes extend to her hair too.

The star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” on Tuesday uploaded a photo rocking her natural curls to her Instagram account.

Further pressing the point of embracing her roots — both with her tresses and her heritage — the star shouted out her Puerto Rican heritage in the pic’s accompanying caption.

“Fire in my eyes, love in my heart, passion in my soul ❤️🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷,” Lozada wrote July 2.

evelyn lozada
(Photo: @evelynlozada/Instagram)

Fans eagerly praised the star’s look in the comments section.

“Dem f–kin curls sis FUEGO!!!!!”

“Evelyn…Your So Gorgeous!”

“Y them banging curls on your head 🤣😍”

“@evelynlozada 😍😍😍 your hair is goals 😍❤️”

While Lozada’s natural hair is what fans are focused on, during a recent interview, Lozada was more focused on something she mentioned in her caption: her connection to Puerto Rico.

As she visited “The Angie Martinez Show” a week ago, Lozada explained she conducted an ancestry search two years ago and found her maternal grandfather in Puerto Rico after she hired a private investigator. Her grandmother had run away when she got pregnant and so Lozada’s grandpa never got the chance to know the star’s mother, his daughter.

“Basically, my grandmother had a baby and she goes to where [my grandfather lived] and was like, ‘This is his child,'” Lozada explained of a photo her grandmother showed her then-teenage grandfather of the TV star’s mother. “So she hid the picture, never said anything to him for a long time but she kept it so before she passed away is when the picture came out, and he finally saw a picture of a potential child that he had.”

In the photo, however, Lozada explained that her mom looked as if she were a boy. So when the family sent a male member of the clan to where Lozada’s grandfather worked, grandpa said he knew he had a child somewhere in the world, but thought he had a son.

“I’m big on family,” Lozada said. “So even for, [my son] Leo’s family tree, for him to be able to have that information, just for him to be able to see his great-grandpa. I love that. When we found him, it was such an emotional moment. I’m bawling, girl! I had the ugly cry.”

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