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‘Joseline Out Here Tryna Pimp Mimi (Again)’: Joseline Hernandez Offers Mimi Faust a Job After She Reveals Why She Took a Pay Cut on ‘LHHATL

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality veteran Mimi Faust interviewed with author and host of “Love Rants” Stacii Jae Johnson on Wednesday, May 13, to discuss “LHHATL” and her happiness. 

The Shade Room shared a clip of the interview of Faust expressing her grievances with the show.

Her complaints included women fighting over who’s “Queen of Atlanta” (Akbar V and Light Skin Keisha), and the “LHHATL” producers asking her if she was being cheated on by her longtime girlfriend, Ty Young. 

“Am I supposed to be f– up in a bad place, being cheated on my whole life?” Faust said to Johnson. 

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality veteran Mimi Faust (right) gave an interview to author and host of “Love Rants” Stacii Jae Johnson (left) on Wednesday, May 13. @theshaderoom/Instagram

Faust went on to express her thoughts on the VH1 show even more. “I think the show has kind of switched gears a little bit. I’ve elevated and grown from the BS I was in,” Faust continued. 

“‘Love & Hip Hop’ isn’t a happy arena; people want to see wigs flying and drinks thrown.” 

Faust said that she refuses to participate in the violence of it all and has had to take a significant pay cut because she didn’t have enough “drama” in her life. 

When Johnson asked Faust how much of a pay cut she had to take, Faust said $150,000. 

Former nemesis and “LHHATL” reality queen Joseline Hernandez was one of the many who tuned in to the interview and wrote, “come join joselines cabaret baby!!!!!” 

The Shade Room caught wind Hernandez’s comment to Faust and reposted it, leading fans to revealed their thoughts on “The Puerto Rican Princess” pitching the idea of the 48-year-old coming on her Zeus network show. 

“Joseline obsessed with Mimi.”

“Joseline out here tryna pimp Mimi (again) 👀.”

“Joseline helping the help 😂.”

“So messy, but I endorse this message.” 

“I mean……… she should definitely give this some thought.” 

“Joseline is just trying to help 😩😂.” 

The majority of fans believed that Hernandez was trolling Faust, while others believe that she should consider the offer. 

Fans also expressed how “LHHATL” perpetuates negative stereotypes of the Black community, and African-Americans and Latinos only being “profitable” if they’re dysfunctional. 

Joseline Hernandez
(Left) Joseline Hernandez and her daughter Bonnie Bella Hernandez and (right) Mimi Faust and her daughter Eva Jordan. (Photos: @joseline/Instagram, @mimifaust/Instagram)

Faust and Hernandez were two of the original cast members in a dysfunctional love triangle with current “LHHATL” member Stevie J. 

Faust is the mother of her and Stevie J’s 10-year-old daughter, Eva Jordan. The trio went through several ups and downs as Stevie J. couldn’t decide who he wanted to be with, thus causing Faust and Hernandez to bump heads. 

Hernandez and Stevie J. share a 3-year-old daughter, Bonnie Bella.

While Faust is now expressing her displeasure about the show wanting her to show strife in her life continuously, Hernandez quit the Atlanta-based show in 2017 during an explosive reunion and has aired out the franchise’s producer, Mona Scott- Young.  

I quit the show, so now you wanna run back these plays that I did three years ago,” Hernandez said in an Instagram video in November 2018. 

“It’s not cool; Your show can never elevate. You’re always trying to downplay color people, and, Mona, you should know better, [because] you Haitian,” Hernandez continued. 

From Faust’s interview, she may sooner or later follow suit and leave the show like Hernandez. However, she left no indication that she would join Hernandez on “Joseline’s Cabaret.” 

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