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‘Double Blessed’: Erica Dixon Reveals She Miscarried In Sweet Message to Her Twin Daughters

Erica Dixon is grateful to have her 1-year-old twin daughters in her life.

The mother of three took to Instagram on Tuesday May 12, and shared a gorgeous photo of baby Eryss and Embrii posing together. Dixon wrote a heartwarming message along the photo, saying how thankful she was for her daughters. She then revealed she miscarried in her first pregnancy.

Erica Dixon
Eryss and Embrii. @msericadixon/Instagram

“They are truly my miracle babies. I’m intrigued on a daily by the different things they do,” the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star wrote. “I often thank God for blessing me with them because of the heartache I dealt with miscarrying my very first. He truly knows my heart. @twinzonli 🙏🏽💕#doubleblessings #twinmom”

Fans were touched by Dixon’s post and recent revelation.

“Wow❤️ That’s touching🙏🏾. They are so beautiful, all three of them😍😍😍”

“I’m so sorry to hear about your first miscarriage. God truly double blessed you with two beautiful twin girls. They’re so adorable 😍😍. God bless you n your fam”

“God, gave you Double for your Trouble. ❤️🦋🙏🏽 They are the cutest 😍 aww”

“They are simply adorable @msericadixon 💝💞💖 beautiful babies god bless you.”

“Sorry to hear that 😢. God gave you multiple blessings. They are so beautiful and it’s alright you have double well triple the blessings now your daughters are so gorgeous 💯💓”

Dixon recently celebrated her twins’ first birthday with an adorable photo shoot.

Erica Dixon
Eryss and Embrii. (Photo: @msericadixon/Instagram)

Eryss and Embrii were dressed in identical onesies, pants and tutus as one twin held up a “one” sign for a photo Dixon captioned via a May 3 Instagram post “Happy birthday toonkies!!!! I’m so honored to be your mother. Love you both so much”

Erica Dixon has fans swooning over her beautiful family photo. (Photo: @msericadixon/Instagram)

In a separate post, Dixon gushed over all three of her children, including her eldest daughter Emani Richardson, 15, whom she shares with ex-fiancé and rapper Lil Scrappy. She noted, “I deal with so much behind closed doors. I’m normally quiet and try to let things past. I’m the one friends and family confide in and want advice from. I get tired, frustrated and want someone I can lean on too. I don’t have that person yet but God saw fit to give me 3 beautiful children who take it all away. My kids are truly my happy place.”

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