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‘We’re Not the Huxtables’: Tommie Lee Sounds Off After Fans Comment on Her Broken Relationship With Her Mother

Tommie Lee is clearly over users trolling her social media pages.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star shared a picture of her mother and siblings for Mother’s Day. She penned a sweet memo alongside the image that read, “Happy Mother’s Day Ma, you really had all these kids and held it down for all of us thank you! #allmysiblings #somebodyphotoshopmein”

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee’s mother and her siblings. @tommiee_/Instagram

While some fans gushed over Lee’s kind words to her mother, others brought up the duo’s rocky relationship.

“I thought her mom wasn’t there for her 🙄”

“U always have problems with your family”

One person commented, “Now you wanna act like u care but didnt say that on television.”

Clearly fed up with naysayers, Lee snapped back, “man shut up we’re not the huxtables I wasn’t feeling like that in that moment and I’m not one to front on how I feel….”

Tommie Lee

Some folks flooded Lee with happy Mother’s Day comments.

“I love you tommiee, Happy Mother’s Day to you and I hope you continue to be blessed ❤️”

“Happy Mother’s Day Tasha and aunt Samantha 💜”

“You mean y’all finally got along to do this picture for your mom and for you to POST it. 💯 that shows growth in you. ❤️”

Despite Lee’s rocky relationship with her mother Samantha, she said her mom taught her how to “survive” when she struggled financially.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee (left) and her mom Samantha Lee. (Photo: @tommiee/Instagram)

“I feel like my mom being a booster [a shoplifter who resells stolen goods] … it helped me because there was a time where I didn’t have a job and that helped me get through. That helped me survive,” Lee told Hot New Hip-Hop last August. “I know it’s not the right thing to do, but she taught me [that] when I didn’t have anything, how to get by. Those things and those secrets helped me to survive. It got me into a lot of trouble, too, but behind it all, I’m glad she never taught me to sell my body.”

She continued, “Some girls I meet, especially being locked up — and I’ve been locked up a lot in my life — some women are forced to hustle, use your body. My mom didn’t teach me that. I’m glad that I still have some morals and respect for my body versus other ways.”

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