LHHA Tommie Lee Agrees to Make Some Changes After Painful ‘Wake Up Call’


(photo via VH1)

‘Love and Hip Hop’ breakout star Atasha “Tommie Lee” Jefferson has struggled for some time now with excessively consuming alcohol and she finally opened up to family members about her problem.

During Monday night’s episode of LHH, Tommie sat down with her mother Samantha and her sister Versace to tell them about her meeting with a substance counselor. She explained her violent confrontation with VH1 staff members after getting drunk and discussed the importance of having to “change some things” in her life.

“I met with this guy Joe,” she said. “He sat down with me and was telling me I’m an alcoholic… It’s embarrassing,” she told her mother.

Tommie’s mother Samantha explained how alcoholism is a disease and acknowledged her hardships with drinking.

“Sometime I feel like an alcoholic,” Samantha said to her daughters. “If I can’t get out of bed without a drink, if I can’t go to sleep without a drink.”

She discussed how family members have died from alcoholism and the “cycle” needs to be broken. Samantha said she’s remained sober, but has developed health problems from the disease. The last thing Samantha wants is for her daughter Tommie to follow down the same path she implied.

The reality star and her sister were filled with tears after hearing about their mother’s health scares and Tommie said her own drunken behaviors make her feel “disgusted.”
The aspiring rapper explained earlier on during the episode why she consumes alcohol, “It helped me cope with a lot of things going on in my life. I mean, it’s so many things. Even though I have a big family, I don’t really have support. To deal with the thoughts of my mom, not liking me, hating me and the stress that I’m going through with my brothers and sisters like how big my heart is and open to everybody – they don’t feel the same way about me so that kinda like, that kinda like hurts. Every time I go through this stuff, it hurts me. I’m not proud of it.”
Although Tommie hasn’t admitted to being an alcoholic, the judge ordered her to wear an alcohol device on Season 6 amid the two legal cases pending against her. The star said that her past behavior with alcohol is a “wake-up call.”


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