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‘He’s Your Clone’: Fans Claim That Eva Marcille Has a ‘Favorite Child’

Do parents with multiple children actually have a favorite child? When most parents are asked that question, their responses are typically the same. “I love all my children equally,” they say.

It’s unlikely that parents will ever reveal to their kids who their ultimate golden child is. However, for Eva Marcille, people have suggested that her three children already know the answer. Fans blasted “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star as appearing to play favorites in her household.

On Tuesday morning, April 28, Marcille posted a picture to Instagram of her 2-year-old son Michael Sterling Jr. catching up on some rest. The toddler laid against a pink blanket as his mouth was wide open. Little Michael looked as if he was wearing a pair of green pajamas. The 35-year-old Marcille seemed to admire her son’s open-mouth sleeping position. “🌻❤️🌻❤️ LIPS,” she wrote in her caption.

Eva Marcille’s son, Michael Sterling Jr. sleeping with his mouth open (Photo): @evamarcille/Instagram

Fans who reacted to the photo expressed that her tyke takes after his mother’s modelesque looks, implying that little Michael is her favorite child because of them.

“It’s sad that you have favoritism with your kids 👓.”

A second user responded to the first comment, “Literally my first thought seeing this pic was, “he’s clearly her favorite”, then I saw your comment soooo..truth hurts I guess lol. Even though all parents have slight favorites at different what?”

“He’s beautiful; he’s your clone 😍.”

“He’s sooo freaking cute omg! He must be your favorite. You post him all the time and he looks just like you. Love you guys relationship❤️.”

“What a cutie,😍those perfect lips 😍😍.”

A sixth said, “Your twin❤️.”

Marley Rae Sterling holding her younger brother Maverick Sterling. @evamarcille/Instagram

Marcille, the Cycle 3 season winner of “America’s Next Top Model,” is also a mother to 6-year-old Marley Rae Sterling and 7-month-old Maverick Sterling. Michael Sterling Jr. and Maverick Sterling share the same father in her husband attorney Michael Sterling.

Eva Marcille sitting next to her husband Michael Sterling. @evamarcille/Instagram

Marley and her biological father Kevin McCall are estranged. Once Marcille became pregnant with Marley, she claimed the music producer became physically abusive toward her. The couple dated very briefly in 2013 and parted ways a month after Marley was born.

Marcille put out a restraining order against McCall in 2014 and filed for full physical and legal custody of Marley the same year. McCall is suing Marcille for custody, child support, and a name change back to his last name, while Michael Sterling is in the process of adopting Marley.

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