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‘You Laid Down’: Fans Drag Eva Marcille After She Seemingly Bashes Her Ex-Boyfriend Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille and her ex-boyfriend Kevin McCall have been publicly feuding since the end of their relationship in 2014. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star and the music producer have an ongoing custody battle over their 5-year-old daughter, Marley Rae Sterling, formerly known as Marley Rae McCall.

The supermodel sat down with Wendy Williams on the Feb. 27 episode and discussed her estranged relationship with McCall.

Eva Marcille getting ready for her Wendy Williams appearance @evamarcille/Instagram

When a photo of McCall appeared on the screen, Williams asked Marcille, “Who is this?” She responded by saying, “This is Marley’s donor. He decided he wanted to file suit against me and sue me for custody, for child support, and for a name change back to his last name. And then went to court to see the judge.” Williams interrupted her and said, “And acted crazy in court.” The housewife agreed with the talk show host and replied, “A whole fool.” The model told viewers McCall fought a sheriff in court and tumbled down an escalator.

Despite Marcille’s relationship with McCall, fans appeared to not like how Marcille was throwing shots at the record producer. Fans expressed their opinions about the custody battle on social media.

“Sperm she didnt..pfffd..when they find an upgrade all of a sudden he is a donor. #noclass,” said a fan.

A second user said, “She plays a good role but she’s low key the disrespectful one, what they portray as crazy is a man fighting to have a relationship with his child that’s been kept from him by a woman who chose to move on and wants to exclude him from the picture all together. Funny how now he’s all these things, a donor, crazy etc but what was he when you was letting him break yo bac in🤔.”

“You laid down and opened your legs🤦‍♀️”, said a third user.

McCall and Marcille split shortly after their daughter was born in 2014. Marcille told fans the rapper was physically and verbally abusive to her during her pregnancy and the abuse grew worst after she gave birth.

Eva Marcille with her husband Michael Sterling @evamarcille/Instagram

Marcille married attorney Michael Sterling in 2018 and changed her daughter’s last name to match his. Sterling is in the process of adopting the daughter she shares with McCall. However, the model believes McCall is making the process easier due to crazy antics.

Marcille and Sterling currently have two biological sons together.

Eva Marcille opens up about her custody battle with Wendy Williams. @wendyshow/Instagram
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