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‘Those Babies Love Their Momma’: Fans Gush Over Princess Love Cuddling Up with Her Sleeping Babies In This Adorable Photo

Princess Love, estranged wife to “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” cast member Ray J Norwood, appears to be doing just fine handling the full-time workload of caring for the couple’s two children.

The toxic and always tumultuous relationship between Norwood and Love is one that at times makes it hard to believe there is such a thing as happily ever after in their marriage.

But regardless of the relationship she shared with her husband, Love makes it clear that she already has her fairytale ending when snuggled up with her almost 2-year-old daughter Melody, and son Epik, who’s five months.

Princess Love shares a photo of her snuggled up with her two babies. (Photo: @princesslove/Instagram)

Love shared a photo with her hair tied up in a bun, her son knocked out as he lay in her arms, and her daughter fast asleep while half-clinging to her. She captioned the photo, “Family. Love. Peace.”

The precious moments rallied thousands of likes and numerous comments from fans and followers who could either relate or were just caught up with melting hearts.

“This is SUCH a mommy pic! Like, every mommy can no doubt fully relate!! Too sweet❤️”

“Lookin like a lioness protecting her cubs. Motherhood looks good on you❤️”

“such a beautiful picture those kids look so peaceful ❤️🙏🏾”

Since Fall 2019, things have been anything but peaceful for the couple that has only been married for almost four years. But things took a turn for the worse when Love publicly accused Norwood of abandoning her in Las Vegas when she was pregnant with their daughter.

Ever since the 35-year-old Love has made it known that she wants out of her relationship. Adding fuel to the strained marriage is the fact that Love and Norwood no longer live together.

Fans hoping to gain a little more insight into the turmoil were able to witness some open and heated dialogue between husband and wife on their “The Conversation” show on The Zeus Network.

Princess Love
Ray J Norwood and Princess Love zeus screengrabs

Still, at the end of the day, Love’s social media pages are void of her husband, but full of the love she has for her children.

“That’s all that matters❤️..unconditionally love from your kids”

“Those babies love their momma 😍❤️❤️”

“You’ve never been loved like this and you’ve never been needed like this…best feeling ever.💙💜😍🙏😇”

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