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‘I Don’t Give a F–k’: Princess Love Fans Slam Her for Staying with ‘Toxic’ Ray J and Pull Up Receipts

It looks like Princess Love is unexpectedly catching heat for her and Ray J Norwood‘s tumultous marriage.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” couple recently sat down together on their new Zeus show “The Conversation,” where the two discussed their relationship woes. One scene in particular that caused a huge fuss on social media, was when Love threatened to exit the room during their heated discussion and Norwood’s response was, “Well get up and leave, I don’t give a f–k.”

Los Angeles, Calif. – March 23: (L-R) Princess Love, Melody Norwood, and Ray J attend Nickelodeon’s 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards at Galen Center on March 23, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Several viewers scolded the mother of two for dealing with the “One Wish” singer’s supposed “toxic” behavior for as long as she has. Social media users then re-posted a throwback “LHHH” clip of the couple fighting before they were married. The video showed Love throwing a drink on Ray J. when he broke things off with her at the time and him reacting by seemingly pushing her into a pool.

The old “LHHH” scene started trending on Twitter on the evening of Tuesday, March 17, and social media users dragged Love for apparently tolerating Norwood’s behavior.

“Nobody feels sorry for princess , she should’ve left Ray J right after he threw her in the pool 🤷🏽‍♀️ he’s disrespectful af”

“He told her maybe they should separate. She didnt listen, now look at her😭whew chile the toxic 😪”

“That is one toxic relationship… the saddest part is we all love them together 😒. I don’t feel sorry for her look how he’s been treatin her this far”

“Ignoring the red flags in the beginning will come right back in the ending ! Runnnnnn!! Toxic let it go sis he is disrespectful and rude”

Love and Norwood’s “The Conversation” series comes months after their marital drama became public in November.

The eight-month-pregnant reality TV star accused her husband of abandoning her and their 1-year-old daughter Melody Love in Las Vegas to party with his friends. Following the incident, Princess Love later went on an Instagram live video and said she no longer wanted to be with Norwood.

“I don’t want to be married anymore, period,” Princess said at the time. “I don’t have time for this. This is not love and I’m done.”

A few weeks later the pair welcomed their second child and son Epik Ray Norwood in December. They’re reportedly co-parenting their kids.

Princess Love
Princess Love @princesslove/Instagram

Love recently addressed her part on their new show, saying she’s working on communicating better with her husband.

“I hope by watching the show.. you learn something from it,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m watching myself and I definitely see what I can do differently.. it’s all about self reflection and making adjustments.”

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