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‘Boohoo’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Have No Sympathy for Sierra After Karlie Redd Threatens to Press Charges Against Her Following Their Fight

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” viewers don’t feel the least bit sorry for Sierra Gates after she possibly has caught another legal case.

A good portion of season 10 of “LHHATL” has focused on Gates and the legal woes she’s been facing. Apparently, one of her ex-husband’s former girlfriends has accused Gates of physically attacking her in the summer of 2017, when the woman was pregnant. Although Gates denied the accusations, she supposedly was charged by Atlanta authorities with two counts of battery last summer and could be facing up to 12 months behind bars if convicted.

Karlie Redd
Sierra Gates (left) and Karlie Redd (right). (Photo: VH1 screen grabs)

In the March 23, episode Karlie Redd apparently attempted to testify on behalf of her former bestie Gates in court, seeing as she was purportedly a witness to the alleged incident. Redd, however, supposedly showed up to court late, which teed Gates off. When the two friends tried to discuss the situation outside of the courthouse, their conversation instantly turned physical.

Although Redd explained to Gates that she ran into Atlanta traffic and that Gates gave her the wrong courtroom, the hairstylist was still upset at Redd and accused her of being a “victim.” In the midst of her and Redd’s heated exchange, Gates mushed the mother of one in the face and grabbed her hair.

In the March 30 episode, Redd threatened to press charges against Gates for physically assaulting her.

“I’m not a cop caller, but I didn’t expect for everybody to jump in either,” Redd told one of her co-stars. “I’m tired of mfs bullying me. I’m tired of it.” She also added in her confessional, “Hell yeah, I should file charges.”

After learning that Redd was possibly going to the cops over their fight, Gates nearly broke into tears.

“Like, I already got a f–king open case right now, I don’t need that pressure,” said Gates. She continued in her confessional, “Karlie already know what I’m dealing with facing a year in prison, are you really going to threaten my freedom like that? I don’t want a whole ’nother f–king charge.”

LHHATL” viewers blasted Gates for getting upset with Redd for threatening to press charges against her.

“Girl you threatened your own freedom , like why even put your hands on someone else when you have a ongoing case about the same thing 🙄”

“Boohoo, wasn’t thinking about that charge when you tried to put your hands on her. That’s your enemy, don’t expect sympathy.”

“Oh well! you should’ve never put your hands on her no pity party bye !”

“That’s your fault Sierra! You ain’t have to put your hands on Karlie. You set yourself up for that one knowing you have a court case and the fact that your lawyer was there to witness the whole thing.”

“She should have kept her hands to herself! So now it really looks as if she did put her hands only the baby momma.”

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