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‘Looks Like Dave Chapelle’: Actor LaKeith Stanfield Reveals His New Look That Quickly Derails with Fans

Being trapped in the house due to ‘the Rona’ has actor LaKeith Stanfield and several others itching for something new and different to break up the monotony of glutinous eating and binge watching television series.

But in an unexpected move, the male lead of the movieThe Photograph” took to social to blow people’s minds with his new look: A bald head!

Actor LaKeith Stanfield reveals he shaved off all his hair. (Photo: @lakeithstanfield3/Instagram)

Lying across a bed with a NASA hoodie on, Stanfield stared into the camera and said, “You know I got to thinking in this pandemic, shit everything going to hell but I can still look alright, so imma line myself up. You know what I mean? But then I got to thinking even deeper and I was like why line myself up when I can just get rid of the whole hairline around this mutherf—-r.”

Just before the short video clip came to an end, the actor pulled back his hood to reveal his perfectly bald dome.

“You have a healthy head shape,” wrote one person that had folks hilariously questioning exactly what a healthy head shape is to begin with.

But where things temporarily derailed, in the most comical way, is when someone commented, “Now he really looks like Dave Chapelle.”

“Lol! Omg, i wasn’t expecting that😭😭😂😂”

“Lakeith Chapelle,” chimed in one person who could see the shared likeness between both men.

Still, those who gush over the actor were accepting of his pandemic look.

“We still stan a bald head and beard. It’s a look”

“😍I thought I couldn’t love you more and here we are”

“baby the bald head is everything I’m in love love”

The “Atlanta” actor joins a list of well-known faces who have altered appearances now that they are on lockdown at home.

Diddy, Kevin Hart, and Deion “Prime Time” Sanders are all looking a little more gray these days.

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