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‘Get the Baby!’: Lil Scrappy Fans Go After Him for Having 1-Year-Old Son ‘Too Close’ to the Swimming Pool

Lil Scrappy recently received backlash from fans who voiced concerns about his son in a video he posted.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star showed off cooking skills during a barbecue for his family, taking to Instagram on Thursday, April 9 and sharing a video.

In the clip, Scrappy panned the camera toward his grill of food and wrote in his caption,” lockdowncookoff wit me and the wife @adizthebam who want it @dedaproblem wussup since this shit happen we been whippen up some nice jack #TheRichardsons.”

Lil Scrappy
Baby Breland @reallilscrappy/Instagram

He also panned the camera over to his 1-year-old son Breland Richardson who seemed to be walking toward their swimming pool.

Fans instantly voiced concern for the toddler’s safety.

“That baby too close to the pull 😱”

“Don’t play with that baby so near that pool.”

“Get the baby! Accidents happen fast 5 seconds😭”

“Get the damm baby! Scrap before he fall into”

“Hopefully someone was watching the baby too close to the pool 🙏🏽”

After folks voiced their concerns in the comments, his wife Bambi Benson replied, “It’s ok. We can swim.”

Lil Scrappy

What many fans don’t know is that Scrappy and Bambi enrolled Breland in swim lessons when he was around six months.

As of late, Scrappy said baby Breland has been getting into more mischief while the family shelters in place. He showed the child climbing on their ladder-designed photo frame in a recent IG video that left fans in stitches. The father of two wrote, “Every since this quarantine shizny my son @princebreland been lit and outta hand jack. Like why are you doin this shit bro #QuaratineBre.”

Lil Scrappy
Lil Scrappy, Baby Breland, and Bambi (@reallilscrappy/Instagram)

Fans cracked up at the video and joked about how the toddler was on a mission to escape.

“Bre said I’m trynaaa get the FIZZNYYYEEE OUTTA HEAAA 💨💨💨🧗🏽‍♂️🤣”

“I need some of that energy he on because this ain’t it🤣🤣🤣🤣 He trying to see high up u messing up his view of things 🤣”

“Thought he was about to paint the wall lol… too cute! That’s a baby boy for ya!”

Scrappy and Bambi have another baby on the way, and the rapper also has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship.

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