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‘Fiznyee Outta Here!’: Lil Scrappy’s Hilarious Video of Baby Breland ‘Goin Ham’ Leaves Fans In Stitches

It looks like sheltering in place during a pandemic is doing a number on the infant son of rapper Lil Scrappy.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star took to Instagram on Wednesday, April 1 and posted a video of his 1-year-old son Breland getting into mischief. Scrappy said that ever since he, his wife Bambi and their son have been staying home, the toddler has been a bit more mischievous than usual.

The video Scrappy shared showed him walking into the living room, only to find his son climbing on their ladder-designed photo collage.

Lil Scrappy
Baby Breland @reallilscrappy/Instagram

“Breland, what are you doing up there,” Scrappy asked his son in the video, before handing him a bowl of fruit. “What are you doing up here cuz you on the picture thing like it’s a ladder.”

Baby Breland let out a small whimper after getting caught by Scrappy. The father of two added in his caption, “Every since this quarantine shizny my son @princebreland been lit and outta hand jack . Like why are you doin this shit bro #QuaratineBre.”

Scrappy’s fans and IG followers were in stitches after watching the video.

“Bre said I’m trynaaa get the FIZZNYYYEEE OUTTA HEAAA 💨💨💨🧗🏽‍♂️🤣”

“Breland sick of being in the house doing the same things he changed it up. Lol. So cute!”

“Thought he was about to paint the wall lol… too cute! That’s a baby boy for ya!”

“I need some of that energy he on because this ain’t it🤣🤣🤣🤣 He trying to see high up u messing up his view of things 🤣”

“The baby is bored 😩🤣  they all outta control 😩 he was like give me the fruit lmaooo”

“Omg when Scrappy said “cuh” i died 😂😂😂 he ain’t done yet it’s only going to get worst”

Lil Scrappy
Lil Scrappy, Baby Breland, and Bambi (@reallilscrappy/Instagram)

Despite all the trouble baby Breland gets into, Scrappy couldn’t be happier to be bonding with his son. On March 3, he wrote a sweet message to the 1-year-old, professing his love.

“Love u youngin , dnt ever let these suckas play wit u cause they will def try , u just gotta always be one up on em even the sneaky ones around u , my lil man,” Scrappy said via Instagram. “I got u 4eva @princebreland let God steer for you and you’ll get there at the right time #Babies.”

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