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‘What the F–k’: Waka Flocka Leaves Fans with Questions After He Claims Cheating on His Wife Tammy Made Her ‘Stronger’

It looks like rapper Waka Flocka is currently under fire for his recent comments about cheating on his wife Tammy Rivera.

It’s no secret that Waka and his wife overcame infidelity in their marriage. On their new WE tv show “What the Flocka,” the couple sat down with therapist Dr. Siri and discussed their recent and past marital woes. One of the issues they spoke about was Waka’s cheating on Rivera.

Waka Flocka
New York, NY – March 26: Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera visit SiriusXM Studios on March 26, 2019, in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

In the April 2 episode, the Atlanta rapper told their marriage counselor that his wife wasn’t affectionate. He attributed it to her childhood, while the counselor suggested it could have been due to their past relationship problems. When talking about his unfaithfulness to Rivera, Waka indicated that it had more than just a negative effect on her.

“I actually made her meaner,” he told the therapist. “She had no idea what she was up against. It could have made her or broke her…it made her even better than what I thought. I helped her.”

The “You Did This” singer completely disagreed with her husband’s logic and said that his unfaithfulness didn’t help her; it instead added “insecurities” and made her not trust his judgment in their relationship.

Waka suggested in his confessional that his cheating led to a bigger purpose. He noted that his wife could have been defeated by their past, but she wasn’t.

“It’s f–ked up to say, ‘hey, cheating made you better,’ but it actually made Tammy like a beast,” said Waka. “Basically, the whole world was looking at her. I don’t think nothing is more embarrassing than that.”

Rivera eventually had the last word and said on the show, “Cheating didn’t make me stronger. Beating his a– made me stronger.”

Social media users couldn’t have disagreed more with Flocka and dragged him for his comments.

“Ok so she should cheat back to make him stronger…. bozo”

“These dudes try to sound sooo philosophical when they really sound dumb AF!”

“🤦🏽‍♀️She should’ve smacked tf outta him, right then”

“Men shouldn’t have rights to talk because what the fuck is he talking about??”

Despite the obstacles the couple have been through, it’s clear they still love each other. They renewed their vows in 2019 with a huge wedding ceremony after eloping five years before. They don’t share any kids together, but Waka considers Rivera’s teenage daughter as his own.
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