Tammy Rivera Goes Off on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ for Deceptive ‘Editing’ After Latest Episode

Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition” star Tammy Rivera is furious after last night’s episode of the We TV series for evidently portraying her husband, rapper Waka Flocka in a bad light.

During March 7’s episode of “MBC,” Rivera and Flocka appeared to get into a heated argument after the “Hard In Da Paint” rapper was seemingly trying to shoot his shot at another woman while the cast were at a strip club. However, the swimsuit designer said the entire scene between her and her husband was made up due to production’s misleading editing.

“Tonight episode of #MBC was FULL OF SHIT!! The Whole episode!!” Rivera wrote on Instagram after Thursday night’s airing of the series. “I know y’all want to make a good show but not at the expense of our REAL LIVES!! … But to know the obstacles me and my husband been through and edit a WHOLE FUCKING LIE IS playing with our whole life like Dime said!”

Tammy Rivera


The 32-year-old said the scene of her arguing with Waka was edited and claimed that she was really arguing with production because there was no security provided for her and her castmates while they were filming at the Los Angeles strip club.

“I was arguing with production for having us out at a strip club in LA with No REAL security wide open! My husband wasn’t tripping but I was! Cause I have to watch his back as his wife so I went TF OFF!” Rivera explained.

“Streets don’t give a damn about no TV shit! I must say everything has been REAL and truthfully until this episode. She continued, “You had to spice it up by EDITING A STRAIGHT LIE!”

Tammy Rivera

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 09: Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka attend the exclusive premiere for ‘WE TV hosts Hip Hop Thursday’s at Nightingale on January 09, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

She also posted screenshots of text message exchanges between herself and her castmates Lil Mo, Nia Riley, Jessica ‘Dime Piece‘ and Tiffany Campbell, discussing her qualms.

“You see how they lied and said I was arguing over a b–ch in the club?” Rivera asked Lil Mo in the text message thread.

The “Superwoman” singer replied back, “”Yessssss i keep rewinding it like wait a minute!!! when did this happen. who said this. WTF GOIN ONNN MaNNNNNn.”

Tammy Rivera


Rivera also accused production of playing of her and Flocka’s former “obstacles” with infidelity.

The reality show’s production team has yet to respond back to Rivera’s deceptive editing accusations, but “MBC” fans and viewers had a lot to say.

“Woww. I’ve been enjoying the show up until this post 😡,” one fan wrote. “Sorry that they edited it like this. They didn’t have to. Love everyone on the show!”

“💖💖💖Best season out thou.. Tammy and waka love is so beautiful cant fake true love.. Shame what a show will do just for views smh,” another fan wrote.

Someone else commented, “You can actually tell they edited the f–k out of that end part ! No worries boo, we know these shows always do the most to come up with some extra drama nearing the end of the show like cut it out MBC 🙄.”


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