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‘Showing Your True Colors’: Nikki Natural Speaks Out After Explosive Fight with Trina at ‘LHHMIA’ Reunion

It looks like Nikki Natural has a few words for her “Love and Hip Hop” co-star Trina.

On Monday, March 30 episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami,” things got tense between Natural and Trina. The “Baddest B—h” went off on Natural for disrespecting her during the season. During one point of Trina’s tirade against the mother of three, she mentioned her children and called them dirty. She’s since received backlash for speaking negatively about Natural’s kids.

Nikki Natural
Trina (L) and Nikki Natural (R) VH1 screengrabs

Following the heated altercation, the “LHHMIA” newcomer spoke out about the incident and addressed the “Diamond Princess” rapper in an Instagram post. She claimed the scene triggered a slew of emotions and wrote, “@trinarockstarr I thought they would cut this part off of the show but thank God they finally showing your TRUE COLORS .. Looking back at this ,after living it .. Brought back so many Emotions 😓this So called Beef was never that serious to the point you had to bring my INNOCENT 3 KINGS 👦🏾👦🏾👦🏾 into this 😞.”

Natural added, “How could you ever sit here and call yourself a ROLE MODEL and put my children in the mix and call them DIRTY 🥴 …?????? (Out of all the filming we did all season … this is by far the only thing that has me in tears right now.”

Trina has yet to respond to Natural or the backlash she’s received from social media users. She did share an alluding post featuring rapper Drake that’s titled, “How the 72-Hour rule Helped Drake control his Emotions.”

Natural also spoke to the Shade Room, an Instagram blog, saying that she wasn’t looking for an apology from Trina.


“Honestly she doesn’t have to apologize to me or my kids,” said Natural. “I hope she learns to not speak on another woman’s children in a manner that she did that night. I felt it could’ve been just focused on me and not my family.”

Natural’s comments for Trina drew mixed reactions from “LHHMIA” fans and social users.

“So all of a sudden everyone’s a saint… 🙄 Listen.. she was poking at Trina and Trina gave her what she was looking for….”

“Trina was wrong for speaking on her kids periodT. I agree with Nikki”

“Nikkia came at Trina first about Trina not being able to carry kids .. so they like even 🥴✌🏽.”

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