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‘You’re Beneath Me’: ‘LHHMIA’ Fans React to Trina Dragging Nikki Natural to Filth on Reunion Special

Trina proved the “baddest b—h” was not to be played with this week after nearly coming to blows with her co-star Nikki Natural.

On the “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” reunion special that aired on Monday, March 30, things went from zero to 100 when Trina recalled the disastrous scene of her rap boot camp. What was supposed to be a training camp for upcoming Miami artists turned into a huge brawl when Natural accused Trina of letting their co-stars jump her. Not to mention, Natural seemingly incited the brawl after calling the 20-year rap veteran a “b—h” at the time.

Trina (L) and Nikki Natural (R) VH1 screengrabs

Following the episode, Natural never apologized to Trina and she also attacked several other fellow “LHHMIA” castmates on social media before coming face to face with them at the reunion.

Trina was still upset with Natural for disrespecting her during the season after she tried to give her an opportunity as an artist.

“If it wasn’t for Trick, this woman would have not been in my space,” Trina said during the “LHHMIA” reunion. “I’m not disrespectful. I’ve given respect to any and everybody who comes up under me. To be honest, you’re beneath me, you’ll always be. … I would never give any chance to a b–ch that’s beneath me to get under me.”

Natural really pushed the Miami rapper’s buttons, when she referred to Trina and her ex-boyfriend Trick Daddy as “King and Queen crabs of Miami.” Not only did Trina react by trying to fight Natural, she also disrespected her kids.

Security holds Trina back at the “LHHMIA” reunion. VH1 screengrab

After Natural was escorted off the stage for security reasons, Trina yelled, “Dusty dirty brace teeth ass b–ch sucking 90-year-old d–k to take care of your dirty ass kids! Dirty ass hoe!”

The majority of “LHHMIA” viewers applauded Trina for dragging Natural, while others slammed the Diamond Princess for talking about her co-star’s children.

“Yall gotta understand she took a jab at Trina first with the kids. When she told Trina to go try and have some kids knowing she had trouble with miscarriages so it’s all fair game now in my eyes 💪🏾”

“Trina was patient wit shorty. She popped off one too many times Trina had no choice but to drag ole girl to filth  💯”

“I’m disappointed in Trina speaking about Nikki Naturals kids. Why didn’t anyone on the stage check her about that. If the roles were reversed they would’ve checked Nikki…”

“I love Trina, but she was doing thee absolute most talking about kids. To me, it made the rest of her behavior look like she was trying to create a moment. I lost respect for her”

“I understand why Trina was angry but saying the girls kids are dirty was crossing the line. Trina been wanting to give her the business. She didn’t take a breath.🤣”

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