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‘Get Out Yo Feelings’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Slam Ceaser Emanuel for Confronting Ryan Henry Over Kitty Drama

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” reality star Ceaser Emanuel officially has declared war with his former ally “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” boss Ryan Henry.

On last season of “Black Ink Crew,” tension began building between Emanuel and Henry after a rumor was spread about Henry sleeping with Emanuel’s ex-girlfriend and former brand ambassador Miss Kitty. The New York tattoo shop owner even fired Kitty — something he once admitted — for her alleged involvement with Henry.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel (L) and Ryan Henry (R) VH1 screengrab

Emanuel suggested it was “foul” of the 9MAG owner to “mess around” with his ex-girlfriend behind his back and not talk to him about it. To make matters worse, someone from Henry’s camp supposedly sent the “Black Ink” owner a video of Henry and Kitty booed up, which Emanuel took as a sign of disrespect. He decided to get back at his old ally and ex-girlfriend by opening a tattoo shop in Chicago.

In the April 2 episode, Emanuel and Henry came face to face at a party for the first time since the Kitty drama. Their crews refused to speak with each other and didn’t cross paths. During the party, Emanuel announced he was expanding his brand and opening up a Black Ink tattoo shop in Chi-town, which didn’t sit well with Henry at all. Henry felt Emanuel’s “emotions” were clouding his decisions, so he pulled the New York shop owner to the side.

The father of two accused Emanuel of being disrespectful by not talking to him first about opening up a shop in his city. He also denied sleeping with Kitty. Emanuel told Henry that the “lines were blurry” and that he didn’t know where they stood in their brotherhood. He also claimed Henry was lying about sleeping with Kitt on top of getting involved with her behind his back.

Clearly fed up with the situation, Henry told Emanuel, “You gone do what you gone do. … But don’t be mad at me about a woman, that’s just showing your mutherf–king slip, pull your mutherf–king skirt down. It is what it is bro, that s–t is f–ked up but you know.”

Emanuel and Henry eventually parted ways, but Emanuel claimed that Ryan didn’t “want that action.”

Black Ink Crew” fans felt Emanuel’s anger toward Henry was uncalled for.

“It ain’t that Ryan don’t want that action Ryan is smart and not a clown and for that I respect him a lot more ceasar is pure comedy I can’t take him serious he don’t even take himself serious😒”

“Cesar in his feelings over a women that don’t want him… Get out ya feelings man”

“Ryan ain’t worried, Cease being a baby and childish. Grow up, old man. Ceases is really in his feelings over Kitty’s kitten😹😹😹😿”

“He really in his feelings over Kitty who he stated MULTIPLE times wasn’t his girl! 😂😂 but he better watch how he talking. Bean head ass. Whoever would get a tat at Ceaser’s shop instead of Ryan is a damn fool😂.”

“This is so scripted it’s like they’re not even trying anymore we all know Ceasar ain’t gone make it in down here in Chicago Cause that stuff they be pulling in Harlem Ain’t gonna last 2secs in Chicago Good Luck Cause they gonna need it 💯🤦🏽‍♂️”

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