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‘Whoop That Ass’: Trina Loses It on Nikki Natural, and ‘LHHMIA’ Stars ‘Gang Up’ to Defend Her

The drama between Trina and her “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” co-stars took a turn for the worse Monday night.

The “Baddest B–tch” found herself nearly coming to blows with Trick Daddy‘s girlfriend, Nikki Natural after a heated confrontation erupted in the Feb. 11 episode. Trina met with several local artists of Miami to hold a boot camp. Her goal was to showcase the ladies’ talent and take them on tour.

Trina and her cousin Joy were already skeptical about Natural after she arrived at the boot camp saying she was doing them “a favor” by being there. Her arrogance not only rubbed them the wrong way, but the fact that Natural felt like she didn’t need to audition or rap battle with the other artists gave Trina and Joy a sour taste in their mouths.

Trina and Nikki Natural. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs}

The drama on the show took a drastic turn when Natural came face to face with her enemy and competitor Sukihana. Suki claimed Natural stole her phone the last time they encountered each other. When Suki confronted Natural about her alleged thievery, the two exchanged words and Natural stood up in an aggressive manner with her fists up. She then took one of her sneakers off and threatened to hit Suki amid their argument.

Moments later, Suki’s friend Hood Brat arrived at the boot camp and tried to stop them from going back and forth. Natural then put her shoe in Suki’s face, and that’s when all chaos broke loose. Suki and Hood Brat began throwing blows with Natural.

Soon after security broke up the fight, Trina checked on Natural and tried to calm her down, but it quickly backfired. Natural got in Trina’s face and accused her of letting Suki and Hood Brat jump her. The “Diamond Princess” remained as calm as possible until Natural called her a “b–ch.”

Things soon escalated after Trina prepared to throw hands with Natural and Joy, Suki, Hood Brat and another one of the boot camp competitors all charged at Natural. Two of them snatched Natural’s wig off and apparently injured her. Security intervened and pulled the women off one another. The cops were later called, but no arrests apparently were made.

The “LHHMIA” fight lit social media up, and viewers reacted.

“Draw blood from that hoe! 😭😭 Trina is always sooo calm and collected. She just lost her mother and here she is still thinking about other people giving them a chance. I usually don’t condone violence but Nikki deserved that azz whooping”

“Whoop that ass! When you’re all bark but no bite. Who in their right mind meet up with other ppl with a hostile attitude knowing you’re outnumbered 🤷🏽‍♀️? That mouth wrote a check that ass couldn’t cash huh 😩😂. She deserved all that period 🙅🏽‍♀️..”

“Joy wanted to gang up on that girl anyway and Trick lame for putting Nikki in that bs drama. I bet Trina was embarrassed”

“Trina is me when mfs keep trying you when you tryna be cordial🤦🏾‍♀️💯 I like how her goons stayed out of it until Trina got upset. Nicky swinging that Jean jacket like it’s some rocks in a sock 🤣”

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