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‘Lemme Give You One’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Ryan Henry Wants a Baby, His Fans Volunteer

It looks like Ryan Henry has a strong case of baby fever.

The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star revealed to his 1 million followers that he wants to expand his family and have a daughter one day. He took to Instagram on Sunday evening and reposted a video of a Black father and his daughter performing an acrobatic routine on TikTok.

Ryan Henry
Roland Pollard and his daughter Jayden Pollard. @rolandp90x/Instagram

Henry gushed over the video and wrote in his caption, “😢 yes I could flip and was a cheerleader too, yes I would absolutely do this with my daughter! I CANT WAIT TO HAVE A DAUGHTER!!! This is amazing, I got choked up, ain’t gone lie… 😭😢😂… wow DaughterFEVERFOREVERtilliGetOne!”

Henry’s co-star Charmaine Walker offered to let him teach her newborn daughter acrobatic tricks and commented, “Why have a daughter when u can teach Nola lol!”

The 9MAG owner responded, “@charmainej_tv oh that’s in the bag… and you know this…. Mannnnnnnn! (That’s why you ain’t getting no sleep lol 🤪🤣”

Ryan Henry

Henry’s fans also instantly flooded his comments section.

“You and Kitti will make a beautiful daughter 🥰😩”

“Well, lemme give u one😂”

“I miss cheerleading. This just put a smile on my face😁🙌🏾 you would make the cutest daughter ever 😍”

“👀 Baby fever u say ?????? you and kitty should have a daughter, y’all so cute together❤️. Aww this video got me chocked up too cute”

“She’s sooo good!!!! You should totally get back in the gym, for old times sake!! ♥️ I’m ready lol, let go 1/2 on one”

“Awe. That is soooooo cute. You’d have a Beautiful daughter Ryan😍 This is so awesome!”

Ryan Henry
Rachel Henry and Rachel Leigh. (Photo: @ryanhenrytattoo/Instagram)

Henry shares one son with his longtime off-and-on girlfriend Rachel Leigh.

Leigh, however, has another son by singer Jeremih, a son Henry considers as his own. Although Henry and Leigh supposedly reconciled this past season, Leigh later admitted that those season 6 scenes were all for television and said, “It’s tv love, land of make believe.”

Henry confirmed they were broken up and said in a now-deleted comment, “I don’t want her. She Never wanted me. We got kids.. Next.”

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