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‘TV Love’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Rachel Leigh Reveals Relationship Status With Ryan Henry

It looks like Rachel Leigh‘s love life with high school sweetheart and on-again, off-again boyfriend Ryan Henry is apparently nonexistent.

On the finale of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” it seemed Ryan Henry had kicked his supposed love interest Miss Kitty to the curb after getting back with his longtime ex-girlfriend Leigh. It appeared that the couple had reconciled after the mother of two seemingly suggested that she wanted to work things out with Henry.

Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry and Rachel Leigh . VH1 screengrabs

“One thing about Ryan and I is our love is so deep a lot of people don’t understand,” Leigh said in her confessional. “It was a split, and I think we both needed that, but that’s not the end of it for me.”

Well, it seems that wasn’t the case at all between Leigh and Henry. After the airing of the finale, she confirmed that she and her ex-boyfriend were not together after a fan questioned if they were broken up.

“We are,” Leigh wrote. “It’s tv love, land of make believe.”

Rachel Leigh

Henry also posted a now deleted Instagram post to his Story that said, “Ryan is single.”

When the official “Black Ink Crew” Instagram page reposted the finale scene of Henry and Leigh reconciling, the 9MAG owner had a lot to get off of his chest.

“I just wanna see some mouths moving with words 😂… I don’t want her. She Never wanted me. We got kids.. Next,” he said in a now-deleted comment.

Leigh has yet to respond to his remarks.

The pair have been dating off and on since high school and share a son together, whom they apparently co-parent.

Although the two are no longer together, “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers have their opinions about the situation.

“Well he did cheat on her and embarrassed her in front of the world..she needed time to heal and him to not want to mess up and hurt her again..she still loves u @ryanhenrytattoo”

“She just tried to get him because she seen he was really gonna finally move on, I never liked Rachel, she seems to be fake an a snake”

“I hate that it seems like she continues to play with his feelings. I mean I get it, he messed up. You’re either gonna forgive him and move on or not but this push and pull is childish.”

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