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‘You Have Mocked Our Religion’: Jordyn Woods’ ‘Triplet’ Photo With Her Mother and Sister Sidetracked by Viewer’s Accusatory Comment

A photo of Jordyn Woods, her mother Elizabeth Woods and sister Jodie Woods left people on social with mouths wide open as the stunning trio looked more like sisters and than a mother with her daughters.

With a beautiful white and gold mosque in Abu Dhabi as the backdrop, most people were caught up taking in the beauty of the Woods family — except for one person.

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods (center) with her mom and sister Elizabeth and Jodie Woods outside the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. @jordynwoods/Instagram

Taking notice of how Woods and her mother and sister were covered with abayas, one person commented that the photo and attire were blatantly disrespectful.

“Haram and you have mocked our religion in an offensive way …”

In the Quran, “haram” designates forbidden or unlawful acts and behaviors in the Muslim culture.

Jordyn Woods, who usually is not one to respond to comments perceived as negative or accusatory, responded to the comment by saying, “I’m sorry if I offended you but in order to enter the Mosque you have to wear an no world would I try to mock another person nor culture.”

Fans jumped to Woods’ defense.

“Honestly, if you were religious, you would know never to tell another muslim brother or sister that what they are doing is bad.”

“Don’t listen to them you women are beautiful. I am Muslim and I think it was amazing idea for you guys to wear hijaab.”

Others paid no attention to accusation and instead tried to wrap their heads around the beauty of the photo and the uncanny resemblance shared between the three ladies.

“Black definitely don’t crack. You mom looks like an older sister 😂😂”

“Jodie is LITERALLY identical to you 😭😭💜 . It’s uncanny”

When she’s not taking swoon-worthy pics, the 22-year-old is seemingly getting to the money with acting gigs. Last year she joined the cast of ABC’s “Grown-ish” for an episode, and this year she is starring alongside Wesley Johnathan in the thriller “Trigger.”

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