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‘I’m Confused’: Princess Love Responds to Criticism After It’s Revealed That She and Ray J Will Hash Out Marital Issues On Camera

Ray J and his wife Princess Love have discussed their current marital issues, and it will be shown on the Zeus Network on March 15.

The special is called “The Conversation: Ray J And Princess Love,” and some have criticized the couple for discussing their problems in front of cameras. According to what it says in the trailer, there was no therapist used during the taping, and it’s just the couple hashing things out by themselves.

Princess Love (left, holding daughter Melody) defended her decision to talk about her marital problems with Ray J (right) on the Zeus Network. (Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Love responded to the criticism on Instagram, and she gave a very specific reason as to why her conversation with Ray J was made into a show.

“I don’t understand why people don’t respect marriage and privacy within their marriage,” someone wrote. “Why put it on a network instead of keeping it at home?”

“This is actually the only way I could get him to sit down and talk to me,” Love wrote back.

Other people also weighed in on Love and Ray J’s Zeus special.

“I feel like she isn’t lying. ray j seems like a ducker and dodger,” one person wrote.

“So basically he’ll only talk to you for a check?! I’m confused,” wrote another.

“Wow I don’t even think I would waste my time if he only wanted to talk to me on TV in front of the world what a a—–e,” a third person commented.

The airing of the show comes after Ray J and Love had a huge falling-out in November that spilled onto social media. Ray J left the Las Vegas hotel room that he shared with his wife and their daughter Melody Love Norwood at the time, then got his own room.

Love claimed that her husband abandoned her and their child when he did that and said she no longer wanted to be married to him.

According to Ray J, the argument centered on his desire to move to Las Vegas, while his wife wanted to remain in Los Angeles.

The couple, who reportedly aren’t living together at the moment, got married in August of 2016, and they also have a son named Epik Ray Norwood.

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