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‘Deadbeat Mom!’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Drag Sky Days After Explosive Fight with Her Son, She Responds

It looks like Sky Days responded to the backlash she’s received following Wednesday night’s volatile “Black Ink Crew” premiere.

Days got into a physical altercation and argument with her youngest son Dessalines, 19, during the episode. Not only did she accuse him again of stealing from her and getting a random woman pregnant, she also physically attacked him after a heated exchange of words. Days said some extremely hurtful things to her son like she should have “swallowed” him, had an abortion and that she and his father never wanted him.

Sky Days
Sky Days (R) accuses her 19-year-old son Dessalines (L) of stealing from her. @vh1 screengrab

Following the VH1 premiere of the show, social media users slammed Days for her “disgusting” remarks she made to her son on the episode. And after receiving a mass of backlash the mother of two decided to hit back.

“When You Crossed Me You Lost Me ✌🏽,” she wrote via Instagram on Wednesday night. She also said in an Instagram Live video that she “said what she said” and that “God gone deal with me.”

Black Ink Crew” viewers continued to scold her, while others wished they’d repair their relationship.

“That episode was so disappointing. Whatever comes next I’m sure you’ll deserve it.”

“So cuz he was stealing u telling him he shouldve been aborted 🤔 wtf? U deadbeat ass mother go to hell!”

“Can’t judge anyone’s situation off what you see on Tv. Y’all so judgmental. Smh Keep praying. I pray for healing for all y’all ❤️”

“How do you live with yourself? 👎👎 you shouldn’t have got back in his life just to break him? what kind of mo— you don’t even deserve to be called that. Cancelled!”

After Days’ heated confrontation with Des, the teenager confided in his mother’s long-time friend and employer Ceaser Emanuel. Des broke down in tears over the incident, saying, that he couldn’t get over how his mother “wished” death on him.

“I feel like I walked myself into this,” Des added in his confessional. “I can say I was young and gullible. I was wishing for a fantasy, I was wishing for love from my mother.”

As of currently, Days apparently has no relationship with her sons Des and Genesis, 20.

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