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‘You Dumbass!’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Days Gets Into Heated Argument With Son Des, Fans Trash Her

Black Ink Crew” Star Sky Days is apparently on the outs with her youngest son Dessalines again.

Last season, the pair parted on rocky terms after she accused her son of stealing from her. Des later addressed his mother’s accusations, claiming it was false and that she introduced him to drugs. Although “Black Ink Crew” viewers were hopeful that Days and Des would repair their relationship, it seems that didn’t happen.

Sky Days
Sky Days accuses her 19-year-old son Dessalines of stealing from her. (Photos: VH1 screen grab)

In a trailer for the upcoming season of “Black Ink Crew: New York”, Days and her 19-year-old son can be seen getting into a heated confrontation. The teen showed up to his mother’s house to apparently mend their relationship, and when he did she shut the door in his face. After relenting and letting Des inside, they apparently sat down to discuss their differences when things took a sharp turn.

“You were disrespectful and you stole from me,” Days said to her son. Clearly upset Des replied, “You a fraud you dumbass!”

Their argument immediately triggered a response from viewers.

“I think Sky has mental health issues 😩 . I know she stated her Mom does. She BEEN spiraling out of control for several seasons.”

“These kids are grown so why do she have to be their mom when she wasn’t that for their whole life. We rekindle and build a bond you respect me as your mother and I’ll respect you as my son but we gone have fun like friends. That sucks I hate that!”

“She’s a train wreck! This is terrible if he did steal from you its because he has had bad examples around him. Stand up and be a mom for your kids show them the right way”

Last August, Days’ sons Des and Genesis, 20, both claimed they never hear from their mother unless she wants them to film.

Genesis said at the time in an Instagram Live that he planned on loving his mother from a distance.

“With me I made myself love from a distance,” he said. “She don’t even answer a n–ga s–t until she want me to come on TV.”

Des also added, “She don’t answer no more after she got her s–t. And when she gone, she gone.”

The “Black Ink Crew” actress reunited with her boys three seasons ago after giving them up for adoption in her early teenage years. She and Des built a bond, but she had a rough time getting through to Genesis. Hopefully, she reconciles with her sons soon.

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