‘Heartbreaking’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Offer Sky Days Sympathy After Explosive Confrontation with Her Son Des

It looks like “Black Ink Crew‘s” season premiere got off to an emotional start Wednesday night.

“Black Ink” HR Director Sky Days got into a heated argument with her youngest son Dessalines who goes by “Des,” after accusing him of stealing from her. The season trailer which was released three weeks ago, showed the mother of two and her 19-year-old almost coming to blows after she insinuated he was a thief, but viewers learned this week there was more to the story.

Three seasons ago, Days, 34, reunited with her sons Genesis, 20, and Des, after giving them up for adoption in her early teens. She established a tight-knit relationship with Des, whom she kept in contact with after the season ended, but had a hard time connecting with her eldest son.

Sky Days
Sky Days (R) accuses her 19-year-old son Dessalines (L) of stealing from her. @vh1 screengrab

Jump ahead to the season premiere and Days confirmed that her youngest son moved in with her shortly after reconnecting. However, things began going left when she noticed things inside of her house started coming up missing. She believed Des stole money from her and that her eldest son Genesis, who she apparently has an estranged relationship with, has been a bad influence on him. Not to mention, Days claimed Des had a problem with her asking him to pay $150 a month for rent to help out.

The mother of two eventually sat the teen down to have a discussion with him about their ongoing issues, but quickly noticed he was high after observing him. She yelled at him to go “wash” his face and moments later things took a turn for the worst.

Days confronted her son about the supposed missing money she’s convinced he stole and the fact that he’s been throwing jabs towards her on social media along with his brother Genesis. She also claimed he’d been posting paraphernalia and guns on his Instagram page.

Sky Days
Sky Days, Dessalines and Genesis. (@flyyytattedsky/ Instagram

When the mother of two confronted Des on his alleged thievery, he told her to watch her mouth which instantly set her off. She tried to bum-rush her 19-year-old son, but was instantly restrained by security. She then blurted out to Des, “You are my son and I disown you!”

She continued to yell at him, saying she was “hurt” that he betrayed her. She already had a hard time connecting with Genesis and didn’t want that same type of relationship with her 19-year-old.

Des then accused his mother of using him for a storyline and “a check.” He also said he looked at her in a completely “different” light and pitied her.

After producers took Des to a hotel for the night, Days broke down. She tearfully said in her confessional, “This s–t with these kids be f–king with me and that’s why I be backing up from that s–t. That s–t is different. It’s not no f–king fairytale the way everybody thought it was gone be… And nobody gets that.”

“Black Ink Crew” viewers felt bad for Days and expressed their sympathy.

“I feel so bad for Sky! 😢 His brother brainwashed him got him thinking sky is this bad person when she really looked out for him cause he welcomed her with opened arms. Praying for her”

“I know she hurt! And y’all need to stop calling her a bad mother!!! It’s sickening!!! She’s trying to do better and admits she doesn’t know how to be a mother but she’s trying!!”

“I felt so bad for sky she tried to welcome him in her house and he stole from smh. I pray they reconcile their relationship. He seems like a good kid going down a bad path.”

“So sorry she had to go through this. All Sky wants in life is for her sons to do right, be respectful and love her. So heartbreaking 😥”

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