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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Days Gets Blasted By Her Sons After Not Answering Their Calls, They Vow to Leave the Show

It looks like things are really taking an ugly turn between “Black Ink Crew” veteran Sky Days and her two sons Dessalines and Genesis.

Over the last few episodes, viewers witnessed Days’ strained relationship with her two sons and even the trio’s social media beef off-air. During last week’s episode, the “Black Ink” HR director got into a heated argument with her son Des, 19, after she accused him of doing drugs and stealing money from her.

Des later took to his Instagram Live story on August 21 and slammed his mother, seemingly insinuating that she was the person who introduced him to smoking marijuana.

“Lmao who you think put me on the weed I was smoking before my brother?” he said of the episode.

Sky Days
Sky Days, Dessalines and Genesis. (@flyyytattedsky/ Instagram

Since then, more drama has transpired between the VH1 star and her kids. Days’ eldest son Genesis, 20, vented about their relationship on a recent Instagram Live session and claimed he no longer hears from her since refusing to film the show.

“I ain’t finna do none of that s–t,” he said of the “Black Ink” series. “Even though you my mom, you ain’t done nothing to be my mom like that. But s–t, I love you.”

The 20-year-old claimed the only time he hears from his mother is when she wants him and Des to film. He also claimed that production tried to set he and his brother up for certain tumultuous situations and added that he was seemingly done with the show. He also said he’s keeping a distant relationship with his mother.

“You just gotta understand like and appreciate this opportunity,” said Genesis. “When them people asked me to do that s–t, I already knew what’s up.  I wasn’t finna do that s–t without getting paid though.”

He continued, “With me I made myself love from a distance…She don’t even answer a n–ga s–t until she want me to come on TV.”

Sky Days
Sky Days (R) accuses her 19-year-old son Dessalines (L) of stealing from her. @vh1 screengrab

Des chimed in on his brother live segment and added, “She don’t answer no more after she got her s–t. And when she gone, she gone.”

Three seasons ago, Days, 34, reunited with her sons Genesis, and Des, after giving them up for adoption in her early teens. She established a tight-knit relationship with Des, whom she kept in contact with after the season ended, but had a hard time connecting with her eldest son.

Fans have offered their sympathy for Days and her boys, regarding their relationship.

“I really hope Sky works out her relationship with Des and Genesis this is just really sad smh 😞 I hate to see them beef.”

“Damn Sky needs to settle her relationship with her sons off camera this shouldn’t be on reality tv. They need to go to counseling”

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